Market 145: Giulietta SS 00347 in Belgium

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*00347.  This car is available right now in Belgium from Marreyt-classics.  It was assembled in France by Renault which means it has a glass brake fluid reservoir and a special build plate.  It probably also has a town/country horn set up and would have had all yellow headlights.

DSC05445This car is probably Bosphoro blue, one of the more common non red/white colors you find SS’s in.  Sitting here in the sun this car looks excellent. 

DSC05461Trim and panel fit is exemplary, polish is spectacular on all surfaces and it just looks right.

DSC05449Look at the curve from headlight to tail light.  Sprints have a similar line.  I don’t see any fault here.

DSC05460This is meant to stabilize the air going over the wipers.  Some people say its to keep them from rising up at speed, but I think it is to relieve stress at the mount pooints and to keep the blades from chaffing the dry glass.  Note speaker in dash top. 

DSC05463Trunk looks good, you get a spare Fergat wearing an unknown 165 SR 15 tire. 

DSC05450Interior color is complimentary of the body color.  Doesn’t appear to be over done but displays just the right amount of patina.  I need one of those mirrors.

DSC05459Engine compartment could use a little clean up.  The hose from plenum to airbox looks like it has been adapted from another car.  Bosch injected Spider maybe?  You can just see the glass brake fluid bottle and the regulator is the original Marelli item.

DSC05453Here are the watering instructions which eventually, in the interest of money saving, became a decal on the underside of the hood on 105 series Alfa’s.  Smaller plate is the French build plate.

DSC05454Here it is, the French build palte.  Information includes the engine number (00700?).  I’ve seen these for France (Renault), Mexico (Willys) and Germany (NSU).  The result of what we call today ‘protectionist’ trade regulation.  An import tax paid in jobs.

DSC05456And the usual build plate.  As you can see, no engine number in evidence, just the prefix.  French plate provides interesting data point of original engine number.  All three of these plates are riveted on this car where in the USA they are held down by screws.

Asking price is 44,ooo Euro’s, about $64,000.  For that amount I’d like to see the engine compartment a little cleaner but that is not really an expensive endeavor so I don’t think it really affects the value.  SS’s in this condition should hold their value nicely regardless what the rest of the market does since you just don’t find many like this.

A worse SS.

A similar SS from this seller.

A slightly nicer SS???


6 thoughts on “Market 145: Giulietta SS 00347 in Belgium

  1. Believe the color is Blu olandese (AR 343) just like mine. Blu bosboro has more green in it.

    Although there are some things needing to be put right in the engine compartment, this is definitely one of the nicest SSs to come along in a while.

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