Market 143: RHD Giulia SS project

Update 9/15/09: This car sold for 16,100 pounds “inclusive of buyer’s premium” which I think means that the fees associated with the sale are included in this number.   This is $26,500 in our US money and about what I would have predicted had it been on eBay instead of at a live auction in England.  Assuming the buyer inspected this car before bidding, I imagine the condition of the body was better than expected from a rust point of view. 

Giulia Sprint Speciale 10121*380459, 00121*00897.   Bonhams will be auctioning off this Speciale on September 12th 2009 at their Beaulieu National Motor Museum auction.  Bringatrailer brought this car to my attention and their write up is right on.  Pictures are limited, but even the best pictures tend to be misleading.  If you are looking for a right hand drive SS, make the trip to the auction.

untitledI suppose you could turn that slotch into a number meatball.  Other than being dirty it seems to fit together well and being an Alfa, it could probably be put on the road without too much fuss as just about every part needed is available and not expensive.

backIt’s actually a lot of fun to receive a car in this condition and through careful nurturing bring it around to health and beauty.  The rear end lacks only soap and water.  Trunk and doors fit well, bright work is as it should be.

engineManifold, plenum and air box are all correct.  Other than some missing inexpensive air ducting tyo the passenger compartment it looks good.  These cars are valuable enough now that having a specialeist go through it wouldn’t be a bad idea. 

engine 2Another angle.  Not sure how the steering column is dealt with in a RHD SS.  I imagine it has more U joints than the LHD version.

wheelI wonder if the dash is just a cut and section job?  Tach is in the center, tri-gauge on the left in LHD cars.  I would stick with that layout or mirror it.  This woudl all clean up very nicely and with minimal expense.

seatsI like the cloth used on this era of SS seat.  Seatbelt receivers look fairly modern.

badgeThis is a cool font.  Anyone know if it’s proprietary to Alfa of this period or a ‘regular’ font book style?

I know, I haven’t mentioned the R word and this car is in the UK so R is a legitimate concern.  Go see it in person and be prepared for the worst, rust is easy to hide and hard to fix well.  Auction estimate is 8000 – 12000 puonds.  About right in my eyes.

Worse car.

Similar car.

Better car.


3 thoughts on “Market 143: RHD Giulia SS project

  1. Hello,

    I am the buyer of this car at the Bonhams sale. Its actually lovely with only a small amount of surface rust and a great deal of dirt. I own a LHD Guilietta SS and in many ways this RHD Guilia is a much better car. It had a complete mechanical overhaul a few hundred miles ago (obviously prior to my purchase), the interior is almost perfect, low mileage, complete history. I’m a very happy owner!

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