Market 142: restored 1600 Spider

Update 10/12/09:  An offer of $30,000 has been accepted for this car.  Well bought?  Well sold?  Who knows, I’m just surprised the seller got $1000 more than the Buy iy Now price from the first time around.  Nice work!

Update 9/16/09:  After failing to attract a bid at $29,000 the seller has relisted this car with the ante upped to $35,000.  Makes perfect sense to me… 

Giulia 10123*379928, 00112*11686.  This car is on eBay right now with an opening bid/Buy it Now price of $29,000.  The car has 7000 miles on a restoration.  The mechanical specification is impressive and if everything is as stated, this is retail price for a good car.  I’m not excited about the red paint, but would rather have a no nonsense usable car in a color I am not excited about than a car that needs a lot of TLC in a color I love.

Alfa 1600 Spider 101Paint looks great, as does trim and shut lines.  I need a set of these headlight rings!  From this angle and with this camera it looks like it’s peering out of a goldfish bowl.

Auction description: “1966 ALFA ROMEO GIULIA SPIDER 1600 with some veloce parts.

Engine # AR0011211686 odometer reads 76375, Complete Restoration with aprox 7000miles since restoration.
Rebuilt Engine, new pistons & liners, regrinded crank with new bearings & chains, valve job with street racing cams, Two 40mm Dellorto carburetors , electronic distributor, Veloce Headers, GTA Clutch pressure plate, rebuilt radiator, new battery, Performance suspension with 4 performance lowering springs, rear end straps, Front disc brakes, rear brake shoes, new brake master cylinder.

Exterior, This car was in storage for 30 years in California, I bought it aprox 2 years ago & paid high price. The body was overall in good cond with only a couple of small rust holes, one on the front passenger side floor and one near the rear back seat. The rest of the sheet metal including the rocker panels & original jack points where in great shape. It was strip to the metal & repainted mille miglia red aprox 2 years ago.
All the chrome was redone, interior redone, new spare tire boot, top frame is installed but has no canvas top. Nice interior gauges & radio, 5 Borini Rims with new tires, new hub caps, new alfa brass emblem.

This Giulia is a great car that handles & drives excellent, it is not mint show quality. This is my personal Giulia and im not in a hurry to sell it, but if I get my money & time invested I will sell otherwise I will not sell at a bargain price. My personal license plate is not included.”

A worse car.

An arguably better car (originality).

A similar car.

More of the same.


1 thought on “Market 142: restored 1600 Spider

  1. This car is being sold by a guy who is consistently putting parts on ebay for 3-5 times their typical selling price. I have spoken to him on the phone once. It is not something I intend to do again.

    I would be very, very wary of this car. Inspect, inspect, inspect.

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