TI tidy 24: this and that and possibly more of this

Where have I been you ask? It’s been 5 days since my last post and all, well, truth be told I had a kidney stone last week and I wasn’t much good for anything except watching movies I’d seen dozens of times and sleeping 15 hours a day. On Saturday I started feeling better and ventured out in the TI for an inaugural run into Berkeley to run some errands and lets just say it was interesting.

The list of – shall we say – inadequacies was long but I am feeling better so I’ll put it out here: tired tires wobbly, roofing tar on floor slippery in heat, dynamo light erratic but not as erratic as the idle, induction noise intense, carbs out of sync causing no end of smells, noises and visible black smoke, brake pedal getting soft, bouncy rear end – dead shocks?, and lots more that are nothing more than trivialities compared to the above. Time to get to work!

weber 40dcoe27 Starting at the end as usual. The last thing I did before driving off and heading for the grocery store this evening – stealing air cleaners off the GTV and mounting them on the TI. Very nice if I do say so.

weber 40dcoe27 without filtersOne or perhaps two steps back. I had just finished doing the spark plug leads on again off again approach to carb synchronizing (for the first time) and was following it up with the double nut stud removal. Good times.

exhaust manifolds I feel like I’m reconstructing the unlikely chain of precise circumstance that leads up to a pivotal moment. Here I am tightening the last exhaust nut and bolt that came loose this morning on the TI’s first day of class in Fremont.

clutch master leakThree things: one: profuse clutch master leak (still works, quart of fluid in trunk (continuous item contained in a discrete package?)), two: zip tie holding hydraulic lines away from the cherry bomb, three: rust peaking though the freshly scraped floor (you remember the roofing tar right?).

rusty ti drivers floorI now have an escape hatch for anything that I drop on the floor. How nice. I’m not going to mess around with this like the last guy who slathered a plastic grocery bags worth of roof tar over this hole (and the rest of the floor) and covered it with a worn out shower curtain. I’m going to get to it with a wire wheel, cardboard pattern, sheetmetal and welder upon the ASAP. I always wondered what was under all that goo.

ti passenger floor rustJeez, my wife could loose her purse down that hole. It started on Saturday. It was hot and the idle stuck at about 1600, and the heat shield is not installed and the floor got hot and my heel was sliding around in the melty tar on the floor. I ended up with a tar clod on my sneaker and decided this whole situation wasn’t going to do and headed off to the shop…

What did I cross off the list of woes at the beginning? Really probably nothing, I just minimized a few. The unsynchronized carbs? Semi-synchronized. The tar goopy floors in the front corners? Not so goopy, but now holy. The induction roar? Tamed. The exhaust leak? A few feet down stream. The idle? Still erratic, synchronized, but erratic. Black smoke on macho display? Less if not non existent. I’m thinking sticky advance mechanism in the distributor because Andrew suggested it.

On the bright side… I filled the gas tank for the second time today and the fuel gauge registered a change. Up next: professional help with the exhaust, possible professional help with the carbs or distributor if erratic idle is not eradicated, swapping of wheels with tired tires for GTV wheels with new tires and probably a whole lot more in preparation for the Melee which starts in 10 days.

TI Tidy 25 – finale??
TI Tidy twenty three.


2 thoughts on “TI tidy 24: this and that and possibly more of this

  1. Ah, I’ve seen floors like those on a TI before. We’ll get you sorted out, fear not. Idle that won’t drop down can also be a carb sync issue. Or linkage. Or vacuum leak.

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