Market 141: Superb Silver SZ

Giulietta Sprint Zagato 10126*00067.  This car, available now at Fantasy Junction, went through Bonham’s earlier this month and failed to sell with an estimate between $240,000 and $270,000.  Current asking price is $268,500 which, after FJ takes their 6% cut and monthly boarding fees, puts the seller in the low end of the above estimate.  FJ is a natural venue for cars that fail to sell at the Monterey weekend auctions, being close to the action and a very highly regarded outfit.  I usually try to do a walk through a few saturdays after the big weekend to see what exotica has turned up.

31261A very subtle design, with function informing beauty at every intersection, and yet in all its spartan glory, it has headlight rings, grill trims and hubcaps ‘just in case’.  A car in which to win the Targa Florio in or pick up your significant other for a night on the town.

31268Why again is it that they don’t make cars that look like this anymore?  People call these ‘the football’ a lot.  I can see the reason, but I hate to reduce it in such a way. 

31271The SZ is the SVZ taken to the logical limit.  There was never any pretense about bumpers.  The delicate aliminum nose is rated at 0.001 mph, translating to about a quarter of an inch pound.

31269Not my favorite view of these cars but I would learn to like it I think if I encountered it in my garage enough times.  The license plate cut out almost becomes a Kamm tail.

31285Fancy seats indeed!  Silver and black in honor of the restorers favorite east bay sports franchise?  Anyone want to send me an email and tell me about those seat belts?

31286With my own failures where even application of wrinkle finish is concerned, I have new respect for a whole dash done in the stuff.  Gauges are metric.  Steering wheel is nice.  Floors are shiney vinyl.

31289I love this control strip.  Makes me wonder why they ever did it any other way.  I’m trying to think of all the functions (or malfunctions in the case of my Sprint).  Windshield wipers, choke, gauge lights, fan, windscreen washer, etc.

31304I like the plenum in black.  They painted these because the early originals were supposedly Magnesium.  Green wires, correct fuel line etc.  This car was treated right.  Valve cover nuts are normale type, but then so is the basis of this engine rebuild -a 00102 Spider/Sprint 1300 normal block, likely kitted with modern Veloce internals.

31389Clean.  Green is a reflection from the floor under the car.

31312I include this because an original recently failed to meet reserve on eBay for $2000!  I can’t say how many of these tools are original, but the kit looks nice.

Neat car.  Lots of money but in no excuses condition other than not having an 00120 engine.  I am beginning to understand the kind of guy who can buy this car from email conversations.  The price doesn’t really matter from an ability to afford it perspective, it’s just part of the horse trading fun and bragging rights to get a ‘deal’.  Hopefully it wont leave the bay area before I can drop in to check it out.

Another SZ.

And another.


2 thoughts on “Market 141: Superb Silver SZ

  1. Hi Matt.
    I looked on your register via 750-101 to see if I could find out more information about my car, its S/N is 1495*00558. At this point all I know is that it was a former SCCA Hill climb/racer from Illinois later becoming abandoned and used as a parts car. Any information you have would be appreciated.



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