Ti Tidy 22: Time to start driving

Saturday morning I decided it was time to get back on the TI after a week of being tired after work and just going home and reading instead of going to the shop.  The steering box had been in for a week but I hadn’t hooked everything up and put the dash back together, so my path was clear before me.  The car had been on jack stands for 3 weeks and I was eager to get it back on four wheels so I started under the car.  I hooked up the tie rod ends, made some small adjustments to the alignment, bolted the wheel on and took it off the jack stands. 

steeringDash is at last firmly mounted and bolted together.  Steering wheel now has a woodruff key.  Headlight stalk has an end on it so it can be turned  without difficulty.  Column cowl is on straight and, best of all, the ignition key is mounted to a bracket that is screwed to the dash.  I need to get some cheap stereo to fill that hole.  Anyone have anything they want to donate?


ignitionIf necessity is the mother of invention, who is the father?  I admit this looks funky from this angle but it is mounted where it would be in a Super, it is firmly attached and when viewed from above (driving position) it looks fine.  That loose red wire end is from the heater blower circuit that needs attention.

steering boxHere’s the Burman ‘box ready for twisty roads.  Bungee is not stock and probably not necessary, but it doesn’t hurt to be on the safe side.  Big notable here is the presence of the firewall grommet and bracket for the steering column.  Now I just have to get all the other rubber grommets so I can seal the rest of the firewall.

With the car on the ground and rolling I started work on/under the dash.  I ran a new speedometer cable that Brain gave me a long time ago and hooked up the tach.  In my struggles to screw these in to the back of the gauges I made it so the dynamo light doesn’t come on when the ignition is on.  Oh well.  Once the cables were hooked up and I verified I didn’t have any glaring problems with the wiring I dropped the battery in and fired it up.

It is not remarkable that it always starts right up, but I get a thrill of conquest every time anyway.  I revved it up a few times and it settled down to a quiet slow steady tick-over as dual side draft carbs will do.  The tach is working now and all the lights, turn signals etc are still working.  The only electrical device I am still lacking is a horn.  I had a half an hour before I was scheduled to leave and go do yard work and prepare dinner for some friends -my famous homemade pizza.  I spent that half hour assembling the glove box door to the dash and lock to the door. 

pizza 1Linguisa, cherry tomatos and mushrooms.  Looks pretty tasty.

Up next on the TI:  bleeding the brakes again, setting the timing, putting the license plate on, going over the whole drive train with my spanner set in my back pocket to make sure every nut and bolt is tight, bolting the seats down and starting to drive it.   I may try and score a carpet set before the Melee if we got in.

TI Tidy 23.
TI Tidy twenty-1.


5 thoughts on “Ti Tidy 22: Time to start driving

    • http://www.theartisan.net/pizzabas.htm

      double batch, rolled thin, baked on a thick pizza stone preheated at 550 for 30 minutes. getting it on the stone is tricky, but I find that a peel makes it easy and if you pat semolina flour into one side then flip it it wont stick. Also, use the stone bare – like naan.

      Baking takes about 5 minutes.

      For sauce I use a fresh tomato blended with olive oil, garlic, basil and a little salt, no cooking -this is from Il fornaio baking cook book.

      Best pies are mozz. mushroom, take baked pie out, put arugola and mascarpone on it and eat.

      Mission Fig and olive oil topped with porchino (sp?) romano cheese. this one is good with arugola and mascarpone too.

      I like the meat so spicy sausage, red onion, jalapeno and mushroom is great.

      Oh, and olive oil on the edge of the crust with a pinch of salt sticking to it makes it pretty good.

      I could go on. I’ve been perfecting my form weekly over the last 3 years.


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