Market 140: Some Rough Sprints

These Giulietta Sprints are part of that group of cars stashed away by the owner of a car dealership in Kaufdorf.  The Swiss government has ordered the site cleaned up so the cars are being auctioned.  These Sprints range from massive projects to seemingly ‘ran when parked’ cars.  The Europeans seem to enjoy a good challenge, so maybe some if not all will be bought and put back on the road.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they all go to one buyer, like Joop Stolze, for reasonable money.

pa_06big11988This guy lost part of his nose ot cancer a long time ago.  Plenty of good parts here or ambitious project.


pa_04big11988Every one of these cars seems to have a caved in hood.

pa_03big11988Trunk floor is hanging down.  More good parts to be had here.

PA_01big12039This poor guy has been buried in leaf-meal over the years.  Looks like it might have been a decent car when they pushed it under this tree.

pa_04big12039Another dented roof and hood. 

pa_04big11464This guy got the benefit of a roof over his head, but still mananged to get his hood dented in.

PA_01big11464Yellow with a black racing stripe is kind of cool.  This one could potentially scrub up and see the road without too much fuss.

pa_02big11464Interior is even pretty good.  Yellow with red carpet is unfortunate.  Maybe it was Ronald McDonald’s staff car for a while.

pa_04big11607Another Sprint lost in the trees.  Hard to tell what condition it’s in other than dirty.

PA_01big11607Dented roof, rusty trunk corner and no rear window.  Probably not an easy project.

pa_01big11706If it wasn’t for the typical roof and hood treatment this car might also be a fairly straight forward project.

pa_03big11706There must be a big cache of Giulietta wheels somewhere in this barn as a lot of these cars are missing rims!

pa_06big11706Engine is all wired and plumbed.  Probably ran when it was sentanced to 30 years in the elements.

PA_01big11750Wow, no dents in the hood, no dents in the roof.  This one would be fun to take soap and water to.   I just realized none of these Sprints have front grills.  Maybe they are all hung on a wall somewhere in the barn? 

 pa_04big11750Celestine  might be the best Sprint in the collection.

It will be interesting to see these cars unearthed.  There was a story in the Giuliettaletta that quoted the owner of this hoarde saying he would not sell, would rather crush them.  I guess the prospect of paying for the site clean up out of pocket made auctioning these cars off seem like a good idea.  I’m happy to see a few Sprints that will probably be saved. 

If you are in Europe and get a chance to look at these send me an email and tell me about them.


4 thoughts on “Market 140: Some Rough Sprints

  1. Yellow and red is Belgium racing colours and looks really good, note the red glovebox interior: the car was originally probably all red.

  2. I live near Switzerland and I really think about getting there. Probably because it’s the last chance to see the cars (over 700!) and enjoy this special place.

    Of course I also thought about getting one (so many giuliettas in one place!), but I’m lacking the space and the $$$ for the restoration. Still not sure ’bout it. Maybe I’ll bid…

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