Off to Concorso Italiano

I’ll be at the Concorso Italiano with Brian in his Junior Z tomorrow so say hello if you see me wondering around. Below are some recent pictures I got in emails. The Sprint appears to have been the meat in a Semi pile up sandwich. The SS’s represent the full spectrum: Low-nose, Giulietta and Giulia.

My wife will be at Tiki Oasis in San Diego selling her hand-sewn children’s Hawaii inspired clothes. If you see her there tell her hi for me.

Sprint Remarkable only in that it still exists at all. There is probably $1000 worth of bit to be had off of it.

DSC_0459I want a low nose SS. I’ll take the bumpers off and drive it like I do my Sprint: daily and with joy.

Did I mention I was watching Dr. No and in the airport parking lot scene when the bad guys pull out they are parked in front of a Giulietta Spider?

I’ll be back on the TI on Saturday if anyone wants to come by and help rebuild the steering box and install it.


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