Market 129: 750D 05382 red Spider project

Update 10/12/09: 4 bids, $8650, reserve not met.  Kind of a bargain if it could be gotten around this price and you are not looking to go crazy ‘investing’ in a restoration.  I’d drive it in this shape.

Update 2009/08/13. This car is back on eBay. Some new and honest pictures showing the state of things have been added.  I wonder what happened to the $9000 BIN?

Update 2009/07/14: Apparently eBay was just used to get someone to email the seller and say “I’ll give you x dollars for it” because the auction was ended early. I received a reply that $9000 was the buy it now price so I’ll assume that is what it sold for.

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*05382, 1315*44373. This red 1958 Spider project is on eBay right now out of Connecticut. Auction is minimal at best with the seller not even bothering to roll it out enough to take a picture of the back, but from what can be seen in the pictures it looks like a pretty solid example.

m129 noseThis is how you find them when they have been left alone. Would probably clean up and look pretty good with some polish and realignment of a few of the trim pieces.

m129 dashHinges, mirrors and general details of this area look pretty good. Door shut line is nearly invisible.

m129 d sideI guess this is meant to show the rocker. I usually put the camera on the ground and point it up a little and get a good tell-all rocker picture.

m129 sillsSill area will clean up nicely. Seat looks dry and crumbly and in need of attention.

m129 cabinI don’t see any cracks in the steering wheel. Gauges are very bad but probably rebuildable. I wonder why the dash is black?

m129 engineEngine looks correct. Carb appears to be a modern-ish Weber DGV. Remote oil filter is kooky. Lots to do in here including the headgasket that you will have to get out of Europe.

Not a great car, not a bad car, just an above average project car needing detail attention or restoration. I think it would be best for the buyer who is looking to do a rolling restoration where they do most of the work. Head gasket is not a hard fix, but once you’re in there you may find the head needs attention which of course leads you to the edge of that slippery slope.

A worse car.

A similar car, though a later series.

A better car.


3 thoughts on “Market 129: 750D 05382 red Spider project

  1. This is my car. Years ago I decided not to sell it, so I took it off ebay. Years ago dealer completely rebuilt the car in the 70’s and kept it in his private collection. I actually bought the car from that dealer, he was retired and his son didn’t want the car. Absolutely no rot, perfectly straight, undercoated and running. With a faded paint that hadn’t been buffed out in years and only a few paint bubbles. I sanded the bubbles and primed to preserve. Now tucked away nicely in dry storage and very dusty. I did start to buff the nose, I was amazed at how the shine really came back. I just put the car back up for sale, but ebay cancelled my auction because of some incorrect wording. Snapple, humm, I love Snapple.

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