TI Tidy Twenty-one: Burman ‘box comes out

Every two months or so I have to go afield for parts and as a result a box arrives from someone such as Centerline.  Some parts are not available new or repro and for that I call Larry at APE and usually he turns up what I need and it is reasonably priced.  On the fender below is a  combination of newly acquired stuff for the TI.  The big hose is defroster vent, the smaller is drain hose for the compartment that houses the windshield wiper motor.  The rubber parts are the transmission inner and outer boots.  In the middle are a pair of firewall grommet holders, a Bosch ignition with keys, a steering column rubber seal holder, a drivers side steering link hard stop, brake master cylinder line and a gear shift knob.

Before much of this finds its way on to the TI I need to remove the steering box since it is making clunking noises I can’t get rid of through normal adjustment and it can’t live with.  This is a scary job for me since I’ve never done it before and steering boxes have always been mysterious objects best left alone.

IMG_9207Not much is as exciting as a group of new parts, ready to install.

IMG_9211Here is the freshly removed steering wheel.  I need this black plastic part since half of it is all broken out.  Sorry for the bad picture.  I think the PO tried to use a puller that grabbed the outside of the hub, it slipped and broke this black plastic piece. 

IMG_9209Here is the exposed original paint, too bad I would need to spend 5x what this car is worth to remove all the undercoating to expose it or repaint it.  This where the steering stop is missing.

IMG_9208I need to remove this steering box.  I am told it will come out without much fuss if I can remove all the bolts holding it down and ease it down then forward then over a little, then twist, then forward then up and out and out.  Lots of wires, lines and etc in the way to cause frustration.

IMG_9210Here’s the inside part of the steering.  Wiring still looks bad but it’s under control.  Trust me.  Really.  I need a new headlight/turn signal stock before this goes together.

IMG_9212Sort of like tan lines where the steering box came out and exposed Chevy trunk paint underneath.  I guess knowing the idiot who painted the engine compartment in speckle finish Chevy trunk paint  had the steering box out should inform why I am removing it now.  Noteworthy is the fact that NO oil of any kind drained out.  Sigh.

IMG_9213There it is, like a twitching Tilapia on the deck of the Titanic waiting to get cut up and served with Coconut sauce over rice.  The dreaded steering box waits to be examined and fixed up. 

I left the steering box on the floor and packed up my tools with the idea that I would go home and scour the internet for tips on rebuilding it.  I got a phone call as I was starting the Sprint and as I sat in the idling car and talked I watched a chicken from the neighbors urban ranch enter the shop.  30 minutes later my shop mate and I decided to try and catch it again tomorrow.  Hopefully it wont lay any eggs in the TI when it spends the night in the shop.

Up next: digging into the steering box with gloved hands to count the bearings, shims and what-all.

TI Tidy 22.
TI Tidy twenty.


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