Market 134: 750F Spider Veloce

Update 8/10/09: This car sold for $24,700 with 7 bidders in the hunt.  The seller noted that the engine was incorrect and bidding seems to have taken this into account.  This money seems about right for the car.  There is a Veloce block on eBay right now that would be acceptible for this car, the new owner should consider snapping it up. 

Giulietta Spider Veloce 1495*04178, 1315*44341.  This Spider Veloce is on eBay from Brighton Motorsports in Arizona.  It is listed as being numbers matching but it clearly has a Spider Normale series engine number, so either it’s not really a Veloce or the engine has been replaced.  I suspect the latter since it comes with all the Veloce components installed and the Veloce engines were known to fail if not properly maintained.  Also, Veloce’s tended to be built in pairs or groups and 04177 is a Veloce.  I’ll check d’A&T tonight and update.  I emailed the seller about this and they said they would note it on their auction but they haven’t yet.  Some discussion has been made of this car on the Yahoo group for these cars and other discrepancies have been pointed out.  d’Amico and Tabucchi say 04155 – 04229 are all Veloce’s so I think there is a good chance this car is a Veloce.

149504178 nose closeNose ridge is shapely and blends to the edge of the grill nicely.  Some guys take the stamped edge off the grill so there is a smooth transition between the body and trim.  Between the grill and drivers side over rider the paint looks bubbly or textured by being sprayed over crud.  Have a look before you buy. 

149504178 nose rt lowI still don’t like these type of headlights.   Bright work is very straight and polished to perfection.  Uncle Rick would be glad it doesn’t have the licorice rope edging to protect the paint from the edges of the trim.  Appears to have an airport control tower behind the wheel. 

149504178 low left sideI like these long and low shots.  Floors are said to be replaced and not with original type contoured metal.  Another detracting feature.

149504178 backClean bumper, good trunk fit, and a general straightness that is very nice. 

149504178 int allInterior looks good.  Floors are covered with some sort of heavy sheets of lightly textured plastic or vinyl.  Steeing wheel is later 101 type.  Original wheels in good enough condition to just mount to a car like this are about $600.  Rear view mirror is 101 style as well.  Nice interior though!

149504178 engine front750 series head with correct valve cover nuts, correct manifold and 40DCO3’s, correct air box, fuel filter in the right place.  Voltage regulator should be Marelli (round) but appears to be Lucas, so assume the generator is Lucas too.  Plug wires are probably more expensive than original style and detract -$40 from Centerline would go a long way.  I can’t tell if the distributor is Marelli and there is no view of the starter.  If all this stuff needs to be sourced to make it ‘original’ because the new owner cares about this sort of thing, they shoudl be prepared to spend some cash, maybe as much or more than $1000 to get it all working.

149504178 vinThere is some discussion as to whether this is a Veloce.  Looks like an authentic stamp to me.  I saw suggestion that it looked like an ‘E’ but it looks more like ot was stamped twice.  Maybe the first ‘F’ was too light.

10203 vinnumber2By way of comparison, another Spider Veloce vin.

149504178 battery switchBattery lead power cut-off switch.  A racing touch and good for a car that sits a lot so you can disconnect the battery without undoing the terminal.  Good looking knob on this one.

There are a lot of question marks surrounding this car.  If it is a Veloce, the measures that need to be taken to make it a car you could call correctly restored are not trivial, but then again not super invasive and could be done while it is a driver -except a correctly patterned floor that is.  The absence of a Veloce block is probably the biggest hurdle at this point.  The bidding currently sits at $22,500 and assuming it’s not a shill I don’t see it going much higher unless, as I suspect, it is a Veloce, and the high bidder has a Veloce block in the right serial range.

A worse car.

Another worse car.

A better car.


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