Pushing Product 4: Models not included

You’ve all been waiting for this.  I know because more than anything else I get emails with links to PG-13  auctions.  Not too much ill-advised content here, just decent looking chicks hopefully earning a few easy bucks while trying to make some poor guy bid on the object at auction with his virility.

!aveo kit twosomeThis is a kit car based on a Chevy Aveo.  Girl on the right reminds me a bit of Christine Taylor.  This picture is all curves.  I wonder how much a gig like this pays?

girl on girl on scooterI’m not sure if they are in bikini’s or lingerie but either way there’s a lot of good-looking, semi-pro model at work here to sell a crappy $700 scooter.  Yes, this was in Florida.  I’ll probably feature some more pictures from this auction later as there were some gems.

79 spider two-someThank goodness for Florida!  Where ever you go you can find some bikini wearing by-standers willing to pose next to your car.  This Spider is probably still on eBay as of writing this.   

80s spider girlAnother Spider, this one with one escort.  There was a particularly great picture in the auction of her holding up the binder of receipts as though it’s her portfolio and you are a casting director.  I’ll show it next time.

silver gtv girlI’d be like “HEY!  Get off my car!”  Oh well.  Good to see so many Alfa’s being subject to this kind of attention. 

pigirlThis one is particularly nice.  Thanks for sending it to me Aaron.  For all that exposed skin she looks kind of tough.  Is her left breast actually holding the sign in place?

rock and or roll abillyThe dude under the tree is like ‘WOW -sweeet’.  Is that a Lowenbrau by the rear tire?

Sarah 20027This one gets this installments “How do I get the Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion streak off my upholstery?” award.  Would be classic if the Moon Eyes were looking the other way!

Ford%20Cortina..Glamcabs.  Apparently there is money to be made supplying Series 1 Cortinas filled with cute girls.  Seriously though, great presentation -I dig these stewardess style outfits.  Blonde is particularly cute and you can tell she knows it by the way she is looking away from the camera.

There you have it.  Keep the suggestions rolling in; I get a laugh every time.

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Pushing Product.


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