Formal announcement: 1969 GTV 1530320

It might be slightly premature since I am waiting on a letter from Georgia DMV stating this car had no title issued due to its age, but since the money is spent and the garage space is filled I might as well go for it.  I bought this 1969 GTV, number 1530320, one of the six hundred some-odd US spec 69 GTV’s made, because hey, a deal you can’t refuse is exactly that.

gtv 1530320 front insideEvidence of the passage of time in ambivalent hands abounds.  That black scorched area is from when a garage-mate and cousin caught fire.  No one was hurt too bad and this guy is still healing.

ti gtv side by sideI had this guy out for a bath and some mechanical checks aka “Hot Laps” in the culdesac.  TI is rolling eyes at my ever increasing stable.

gtv and ti backQuite a pair these two make.  All I need is a white Alfa and I’d have the national colors of most majority caucasian nations.  That big chunk missing from the trunk is a bummer.  I have the badges, they were stuck on with tape.

gtv 1530320 engineThis is where the vroom comes from.  Someone did me the favor of converting to Webers.  It runs strong, is quite fast and doesn’t stop as good as it should since, as the careful scrutinizer of pictures will note, the vacuum line to the boosters is disconnected and plugged.  Looking forward to getting in here and finding out which cams it has.

gtv 1530320 interiorThis is where you sit and enjoy the vroom while monitoring it’s vital signs.  Oil pressure is great in this car.  Most of the controls don’t work but as long as the gas pedal, shifter, steering wheel and brakes work who cares right? 

1530320 aboveNot too bad.  I’m not crazy about the wheels, in fact I abhor them, but the price was right so I couldn’t bargain a set of Momo Vegas or some such into the deal.

I know what you are wondering and no, it doesn’t have much rust.  I popped a rust zit on the lower corner of the passenger door and it was mainly a bad paint/door interface as the metal underneith was okay.  My plan is to drive this to work this coming winter and decide in the Spring if it’s a keeper.  By then I will have sorted out most of its bugs and it should be a some-what valuable car.  All I need is about $1000 worth of parts (windshield, headliner, etc)from Centerline, a couple hunderd bucks worth of local upholstery work and 40 hours to massage it into shape.

Another piece of junk I dragged home.

And another.

And Another.

And Another


8 thoughts on “Formal announcement: 1969 GTV 1530320

  1. Matt:

    glad to see you found a 69 GTV after that Canadian Euro spec one got away from you.

    this GTV has promise, keep up the good work.


    Mike from the great white north.

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