Market 139: Low number Spider 750 D challenge

Update 8/10/09: 2 bidders, $51, reserve not met.  I’d give the seller $100 for the front suspension components without hesistation.  I have a feeling it will be a while before anyone decides to take this thing on.  Hopefully some kind soul will keep it out of the rain until then.

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*00808.  Available out of San Rafael California on eBay right now is this project.  Early number is a draw for some Giulietta lovers, especially since it gives admission to many events open to 57 and before cars.  Doors, trunk and hood are included so $2500 buy it now is somewhat reasonable.

149500808 noseNot for the faint of heart finds definition here.  Must have been quite an accident.  I know of a Giulia SS like this.


149500808 other rockerPassenger rocker looks great.  Might get away with only welding a nose on.

149500808 spider rockerDitto the drivers side rocker.  Good donor for a rusty project.

149500808 vinThe VIN.  I wonder if this has the early style hood prop?  Some of the wiring harness is present.

149500808 spider battery alfaThis area is better than most of these I’ve seen.  Breather pipe for the gas tank is present.

149500808 alfa spider floorsFloors look good.  This car would have the fixed passenger seat.  Note crack in steering wheel.

149500808 alfa floors tooTunnel case trans hump is in tact.  Looks like most of the wiring harness is present too.  You even get a few dash switches and an e-brake handle.  Floors are very solid!

It may sound wishful, but you might get away with less welding on this car than on a lot of the rusty but complete and unhit cars that come up for sale.  There has been an NOS nose panel for a 750 Spider on eBay a few times, get that and some patch panels from APE if they have them and then it’s a simple uphill trudge finding $10,000 worth of original parts to restore.  What’s most remarkable is that this car was not scrapped.  I am thinking survivorship of Giuliettas is fairly high if a car like this was saved.

Worse car.

Similar Car.

Better car.



1 thought on “Market 139: Low number Spider 750 D challenge

  1. Good point – this is one big repair as opposed to hundreds of little ones. If you’d rather shoot yourself directly in the head than die by mosquito bites, this is the right car for you.

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