Market 135: Giulia SS in France

Giulia SS 10121*380456, 00121*01135. This car is available here in France now. Has been finished to a high, but awkward standard.

380456 far noseNothing wrong here well, the upper lip does seem to stick out a bit more than usual, perhaps a trick of the photographers angle. Yellow headlight bulbs? I like.

10121380456 nosePaintwork looks smooth and almost plastic. Bumper is excellent. Grill angle still looks odd to me.

Text in full: “Rare Alfa Roméo Giulia SS – Magnifique état de présentation et de fonctionnement – Nombreux frais récents; Amortisseurs avant, disques de freins, rotules direction … A voir. Very rare Alfa Giulia SS – Perfect running and cosmetic condition – Sold overhauled, and ready to drive everywhere.”

10121380456 rearRobins egg blue wheels are the first sign of trouble. Panel fit, trim fit, poise etc is all commendable. Apparently they lost a hubcap on the way to the photo shoot.

10121380456 trunkAs it should be, just enough space for a frisbee, some flip flops and a taxidermy squirrel. I wondered if the spacers under two of the tail lights were under the upper or lower bases. They go under the uppers.  (Look very closely.)

10120380456 engineNo complaints from me about this engine compartment. Everything in its right place and a tapered 101 manifold to boot.

380456 dashInstruments, steering wheel, control switches etc all are in prime condition. Blue on blue… not so much. Toilet water blue, reminds me of the color of those chemical cakes you put in your upper toilet tank.  I always though those in yellow would be a good gag.

380456 interiorThere is some evil or at least questionable and unchecked fetish at work here. Imagine driving this in the Paris night with yellow headlamp beams turning it chartreuse. Good thing absinthe is legal again. Oh, and so well executed though.

380456 blue blueLadies and gentlemen, we have a winner. There is something of little Alex Droog’s parents livingroom about this.

As usual, thanks to Elmar for bringing this to my attention. My register is getting full up!

I wonder if I could learn to live with this interior?

A worse SS.

A similar SS.

A better SS.


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