TI Tidy Twenty: Vroom

Lots of fun was had the last few days and below is the result. This is after a quick spin around our cul-de-sac. Still need to check valve clearances etc but it sounds good. Water pump quieted down too.

compression testThe numbers tell a story. Was 160 when pulled. First black number (top) was dry after sitting, second black number (middle) was oil in dry after sitting, third black (180 3x) was after new head gasket and 10 minutes running. 180 all the way across is good for a 2 liter! Wires are my rigged up remote start switch.

throttle linkageCenterline gets about $6 for these ends, they are nice! I used 3/16 welding rod cut to M5 on either end as my rod.

water temp no oil pressWater temp after about 10 minutes running plus a spirited first gear run. Oil pressure is MIA. Assuming send unit. Will try an extra I have and work from there.

fuel indicateEven indicating fuel level and the reserve light works. Awesome!

muffler mountExhaust system courtesy of Aaron and Andrew. Thanks guys. I think the inner tie rod end on the drivers side is hitting the down pipe. Investigation of this is next on my list.

TI lives -woo hoo! When I first bought this car I got a 2 liter to put in it and never did. I guess I’m making up for past short-comings.

TI Tidy 21.
TI Tidy 19.


4 thoughts on “TI Tidy Twenty: Vroom

  1. Matt- Congrats on getting the TI running. Sounds good. I’d love a ride somoetime as my last recollection of driving in one of these was in Lisbon Protugal in my uncles car in the early 70’s when I was a kid. Now all you have to do is the same on the SS….

    Mike I.
    ’61 SS

    • I am going to probably do the GTV, FIAT and Spider before the SS. Should be all practiced up by then. I’ll let you know when it is joy ride able.


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