TI Tidy Nineteen: death from a thousand pin pricks

Saturdays tasks on the TI were all small and in most cases challenging.  The first thing I did is plug the battery in again and check everything again, just for grins.  The picture below tells a good story.  I decided I could call it a day after I installed the radiator and radiator hoses, mounted the front grill and removed the front license plate and baby turbo mirrors.

ti tidy hi beamHigh beams are nice and bright as are the markers.  Note the Baby Tornado mirrors in this picture.  Okay on a GTV6 or something but lame on a 64 TI.

ti tidy lo beam5Here’s the low beams.

As I mentioned before, the radiator mounts were all bent up and didn’t line up with the mount holes so used a file to open them up a bit.  I ended up notching the left side upper with a hacksaw to get it to fit but it’s now mounted.  Both radiator hoses were installed without drama.  All that remains of the cooling system plumbing is the need for some heater hose.  Will pick it up today.

Next on the list became tightening up the steering system since I had a tie rod end with stripped threads, a loose tie rod taper joint, a loose column mount and a loose firewall mount.  Talk about a PITA!  I ended up chasing the threads on the stripped tie rod end, good thing I had an M10 x 1.25 die.  Once that was mounted I went to tighten the other side.  No go.  I tried everything I could think of to either remove or tighten the nut and ended up cutting the nut off with a Sawzall.  Was an inch nut on metric threads probably tightened with air.

ti tidy 19 cut ball jointThis cut was tough because I had 2 brake lines and the speedometer cable right next to it.

ti tidy 19 new ball jointNew tie rod end ready for installation to the car.  Another part that the Centerline catalog lists as good for Giulietta’s and essentially everyone else through 94!

So I got everything tightened up and noticed the steering wheel was about 30 degrees from centered when the front wheels were pointing forward.  I’d never thought about how to go about aligning these things but it seemed that using a tape measure to measure center tread to center tread on the tires front to back and making adjustments to the links from the inner rod to the wheels would shift the geometry.  Sure enough after about a half hour I had the steering wheel centered and the tires parallel.  I’ll consult some local experts for the final adjustment on toe etc.  After this I put the wheels on the ground to work on removing the offensive mirrors.

ti tidy door gooThis is the fatal flaw of this car.  I’ve said it before and maybe you didn’t believe me.  Everything in this car is coated with a tar like coating that actually smells like tar.  I think the only approach that would cure this is a chemical dip and I don’t want to do that, at least not this decade.  Anyway I’m trying to get access to the nuts that hold the mirrors on.

ti tidy 19 nut in thereI removed the wing window regulator so I could see the nuts I need to get at.  If these resisted with every turn of the wrench I would still be working on removing them now, 24 hours later.  Thankfully they immediately became finger tight and removal was quick and easy.

ti tidy 19 coming alongEven the license plate gave me a hard time coming off.  Here it is, very close to running and “done”.  Jeff doesn’t like the mesh below the grill.  I don’t know what I would do about it except replace the sheet metal in the nose, but that would undoubtedly lead to a long and slippery slope with a chemical dip and some expensive welding at the end.  Good thing I can live with it.

I get six hours today to work on this thing.  On the list are: remove passenger mirror, mount period correct style mirror on driver side, get appropriate fan belt and install, get heater hose and install, change the oil, put water in it, hang the exhaust, fabricate a throttle linkage, install the gas pedal and a thousand other unexpected jobs that will pop up -or I might clean up 1530320 and not do a thing on this car, we’ll see.  I’m thinking this series of posts will be finished soon in any case!

TI Tidy twenty.
TI Tidy 18.


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