Ti Tidy 18: The light at the end of the wire

It’s 8:40 am on Saturday, I have an HOA meeting in 20 minutes but I think I can squeeze an update in here. Thursday I installed and wired the under dash switches and decided the wiring job was done from a point to point perspective. Yeah, reverse lights, under-hood light, horn relay and a few other odds and ends needed sorting but the wires were identified and ready for hook up so I am not concerned about any unknowns from them. At this point I rounded up some jumper cables and a battery and got to it trouble-shooting.

ti tidy 18 fuse boxFuse box is mounted as Satta intended. I’m using a late internally regulated alternator so no control box or regulator required. The horn relay is now where the regulator would go. If only I could get it to work… Fuses seen here are correct except the blue one and possibly the red one at the number three starting from the right position. The 10 fuse box has 2 8 amp circuits that are combined into one fused circuit on this 8 fuse box, so I decided it should be a 16 amp.

The battery I borrowed didn’t clear the horn so I set it on the ground and used jumper cables to hook up to the car. With no fuses installed I hooked up the negative then tentatively touched the positive to its lead. No spark, no thunder, no disembowelment. I hooked it up, got my test light out and verified I had power where expected. Next I attached a test lead to one side of the power (big red spade connector above) and checked to see if it sparked when I jumped it to the other side. No spark or any evidence of a short so I installed a fuse and again checked to see if I had power at all the points in the harness that would be powered at this point. Once again everything is as expected. I repeated this cautious process for all the circuits and after about an hour of drama free testing declared victory and went home.

Friday I hooked the battery up, installed all the fuses and everything came to life! Turn signals work on all corners and at all points, even the green arrows on the dash, high beams plus in-gauge indicator light, low beams, brake light circuit (jumped since it’s a pressure switch and I still don’t have pressure), gauge lights, interior lights, coil and fuel pump are powered, windshield wipers work and the fuel send unit even indicated some gas. I can’t get the horn to work but haven’t really had time to trouble shoot it. The heater blower doesn’t work but I couldn’t turn the fan by hand so it’s not a wiring issue. The cheap ignition switch I bought is screwed up in side and the starter lead is always powered so I’ll probably put a toggle switch in line until I can get a proper ignition switch.

ti tidy 18 dash updateI know, you can still see a tiny little nest of wires, but that is because the junction that mounts to the steering column frame broke apart and left me with nowhere to mount those wires. Plan is to get some black plastic wire sheathing, not that split corrugated looking crap they used to make robot arms with in low budget 80’s Sci-Fi movies, the real stuff from an electronics store, and use it to clean up areas like this. Note gauges are not secured to the dash yet. I left them this way for potential trouble shooting.

ti tidy 18 radiatorNow that the electrons are plumbed it’s time to plumb the coolant, intake air and crank case ventilation. The tabs that have the holes that the rubber radiator mounts go in are all bent up so I have some test fitting and cursing to do. The fan belt I bought was for a 2 liter car, I forgot that 1600 water pumps have a smaller diameter pulley. I guess I can use the belt later, perhaps on 1530320.

Today if I can find a willing foot I will bleed the brakes and may even try and fire it up. Exciting stuff to be so close to the end!

TI Tidy 19.
TI tidy 17.


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