Market 133: Baby Blue Spider Normale

Update 7/24/09: Sold for $15,530 after 37 bids were placed.  If this car is as good or better than it looks this was well bought.

Giulietta Spider 10103 1495*09766. This Spider is on eBay right now out of Novato California, just north of San Francisco.  It wears Washington license plates so it hasn’t been in the area long.  I say baby blue rather than Celeste since it looks a little less sky and more boys baby blanket to my eyes.

spider 09766 cornerThere is no hood strip but the little 4 inch hood strip continuation piece is still between the hood hinges.  I like the no grill eyebrows look and will probably go for this look with my Spider.  Bumper overriders or ‘tusks’ are missing.  All things considered, the car looks good.  Note the poodle in the passenger seat.  Dog smell is included at no extra charge.

149509766 noseDoor shut line is admirable, nose ‘bump’ looks about right.  Hood fit is okay.  Poodle is still hanging out in there, looking kind of creepy in this shot.

spider 09766 sideLooks a little more like sky blue in the sun.  Farina badges are missing from both front fenders.  Stance is good, not too low, not too high.

spider 09766 tailOnly one reflector?  The other is probably in the glove box.  Trunk fit is pretty good.  I like this series tail light.  Bumper looks great.

spider 09766 other sideFifi looks cute and is probably not too happy about the cameo.  Spider looks good from this side too.

spider 09766 interiorGauges are not too yellowed.  Seat material looks a little heavily textured and carpet looks very odd, not deep enough, as though there is a 3 inch thick piece of insulation under it.  Control knobs, steering wheel, mirror etc look good.

spider 09766 engineEngine compartment is scrappy and original looking.  Lots of easy improvements to be made in here.  Head is 105 style 1300.

spider 09766 under eingineEarly Veloce oil pan can be seen were.  These have the same ‘trap-door’ design as the multi-piece aluminum Veloce pans, but are more prone to cracks in the seams.  Note also Koni’s and overall patina.

The only worry I have about this car is the thick carpet.  Did they do a bad job of patching rusty floors?  It is from Washington after all.  If not rusty and a decent runner this car will probably be a good value for the buyer who just wants to drive a neat old convertible around.

Worse car.

Similar car.

Better car.


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