Pixar’s Motorama 2009

Pixar’s Motorama is pretty cool. The fact that a corporation would even expend resources on an event like this in todays world of disappearing perks is hard to believe. Pixar’s grounds are perfect for this sort of thing -from the long and wide, tree-shaded approach to reception, seemingly meant to be lined with cars, to the grassy knoll they set up for dining, to the spacious atrium where motorcycles, scooters and Bicycles can be put on display and one can escape the elements -someone knew what they were doing when they designed this space.

Monteverdi HaiThis 1970 Monteverdi Hai 450SS is currently in Fantasy Junction’s inventory at a little over a million dollars. FJ is about 100 yards form Pixar so they roll a couple cars over every year. Metallic purple/pink with white interior. There aren’t rock stars these days worthy of a car like this. Jeff imagines Robert Plant circa 1974 in a fur coat on Sunset Blvd could pull this car off.

Tatra of SwigThe Swig’s rolled in and turned heads in this pre-war Tatra. It kind of sneaks up on you if it’s coming at you head first, but once it comes along side and you see the rear it is obvious what you are looking at, if you’ve ever heard of it that is. In the photo set linked to at the end of this post are a bunch of pictures of the air-cooled V8 that powers this thing.

Scott and ford truckScott lookin’ tough with his Ford truck. It was a good compliment to my Sprint in Patina and owner nonchalance. ‘It’s old and I just drive it around.’

GileraThere is a soft spot in me for small displacement Italian motorcycles and this Gilera knows right where it is.

Lincoln V12 hotrodLincoln V12 powered tasteful hot rod. Admirable fit and finish on this machine not to mention a great complimentary palate of WWII colors.

Hoon and Nuovo CinquecentoHoon likes the new Fiat, but really, what’s not to like? I would buy one tomorrow if Chrysler/Fiat would stop fooling around and start selling them.

corvette cabinCorvettes of this era are to my eye caught somewhere between a Deco bake-lite clock radio, an over-sized amusement park bumper car and an early space-age fiberglass boat.

Lotus Exige and TeslaAnother new car I would own. I think Lotus is approaching a perfection all their own these days after many years of trying to out other-guy the other-guy. The Exige takes it right back to the iconic Elite, a simple concept, done well and attractively, and not too much money. Note cousin the Tesla roadster in the back-ground.

Giulietta's Sprint and 1959 NSU Prima III KLHere is the Giulietta’s contribution to the show. Sprint is the usual daily contender, about which was often heard: ‘it’s really kind of charming’. Scooter is recent re-acquisition NSU Prima IIIkl that deserves a post all its own.

Another Motorama come and gone. Only thing that needs improving is the food lines, which were at least a half hour long and probably the reason I have a sun burned nose today. That said, the pork sandwich was great! I missed my TI deadline to debut at this show, but now I can not rush the rewiring which really requires an unhurried approach.

Find the rest of my pictures here.

Last years event.


4 thoughts on “Pixar’s Motorama 2009

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  2. Pixar is very cozy with the FIAT group & Ferrari due to “research” they’ve been doing on “Cars 2”. They’ve been guests of the various factories on several occasions thus far.

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