a browse of the pictures on my back up drive

I’ve had a few cars in the 20 years I’ve been old enough to drive and if I don’t get this down soon I will forget how it went down. I had a 1965 Mustang Fastback in high school, I know where it is and every once in a while think about trying to get it back. My parents bought it in 1969 and sold it to my uncle in the late 70’s. A Toyota FJ40 of 1969 Vintage for $350 sat in my moms driveway for a while and it was sold to fund a 1971 Citroen DS21. The DS was replaced by a 1979 Mercury Capri Turbo my grandfather gave me. These were all pre-internet, pre-digital camera cars and I don’t have pictures of them that I can find. The Capri gave way to an 87 Honda CRX HF.

sprite003Sprite 30169 Bought from Mark, driven on California Melee’s 1999 & 2000, pictured in Road and track story on Melee (Feb 2000?), commuter from SF to Marin by Mrs. Giulietta’s. My first Engine rebuild, Sold to scooter guy Mason, fixed up a bit then sold on eBay. Where is it now?

300gtpassengerfrontSprite was sold to fund purchase of this Iso Rivolta #367 (I think). We drove this on California Melee 2001. We commuted in this until the purchase of the 1966 Toyota Corona in the background. Iso was frighteningly fast and equally frighteningly rusty. Was also one of perhaps a dozen with a factory sunroof. The engine blew up on the Toyota and I sold it on eBay to Chicago.

fulvSouthern California car guy Rob was also on the 2001 Melee in this Lancia Fulvia 1.3S with aluminum hood/trunk/doors. Oddly similar in value to the Iso, we ended up trading. Here it is on the 2002 California Melee. This car now lives in San Mateo area and is regularly seen at local car shows.

TIrgtfrnt34I took Mark (who sold me the Sprite) for a ride in the Fulvia and he says: “This is good, but no Alfa.” A fellow called Andrew was on the 2002 Melee in a white Giulia Super which I thought was the greatest thing ever. I sold the Fulvia to a local car guy who seemed to me immediately regretful even though it was cheap, and bought this 1964 Giulia TI from George in Atlanta for $3500. I drove this TI daily and on the 2003 Alpine 500 and Melee.

first gtvThe TI had shortcomings which, if you’ve been following my rebuild you are aware of and Norm said, “sell it and get a GTV”. Mario bought the TI and off it went. A few weeks later at the Barber shops open house I met Michael who had this GTV in his garage owned by his ex-wife. $3200 later I drove it home. I didn’t use it much and rain kept soaking the carpets so I sold it to Brian Shorey a few months later. The green Toyota Tacoma in the background replaced the Toyota Corona.

isetta toyotaAround this time I dragged home this runner BMW Isetta from Vacaville. I did a lot of work to this car before I sold it in 2008 to Dave. This truck was hit from behind and rolled at the bay bridge toll plaza in 2007. A sad end to a faithful vehicle. More importantly neither I nor Mrs. Giulietta’s was hurt.

s800_corner_6_9I quickly bought and sold a Renault Caravelle that seemed like a good idea at the time but which never panned out because I couldn’t get the brake drums off to rebuild the brakes! This Honda S800 popped up on eBay so I shipped it home and drove it around. Larry did a bunch of work on it for me and I took it on the 2004 Alpine but it struggled with the altitude and was never ‘right’. I sold it to the owner of Honda of Walnut Creek. Crazy little engine in this guy. This was a late car with regular drive shaft/differential rear end.

grey_peug_frontThe 2004 Melee approached and I needed a car so I bought a pair of Peugeot 404’s. This was the parts car. The nice one was green and is behind it in the picture but you can barely tell. I lent this car to Harley for the Melee and I took the nice one. This one made it, the nice one didn’t. My only DNF for a rally. Harley now owns both cars, neither is really roadworthy as far as I know. The nice one detoured through Pete’s hands then via eBay to the south east USA before Harley got it. Around this time I also traded a scooter for a 69 GTV that turned out to be more work than I had space or know-how to tackle so I sold it to Rob who I traded Iso for Fulvia with. Alex, who won a recent 24 hours of Lemons in a Motorcycle engine powered Geo, sold that GTV on eBay not long after.

green gtvRealizing the error of my ways and all, I bought this GTV, a 1972 from Mary who worked as a mechanic in the early 90’s and had stored it since then. It still had clutch and brakes after 14 years so I swished the gas, installed a battery and went for it. We did the 2005 Melee in this car and it was a blast. One of my favorites. Was one of the casualties of home buying. I wonder if Ben would sell it back? I bought these wheels on Italian eBay and went to fetch them in person which was great fun. Seller lived near Padua and had a General Lee replica. Wheels ended up on a dark blue boat tail Spider in Half Moon bay. Should have kept them!

alfa_04_front34[2]Fall of 2005 this car came up for sale in Oakland. A local car since new that had been converted to 1750 power and disk brakes. We borrowed money and made it happen. I am driving it to work these days 4 years later but with the original engine rebuilt and installed. Alpine 500 2006 was awesome because Mrs. Giulietta’s drove the green GTV and I drove this car. Melee 2006 Spirit of the Dirt Bag cup was awarded to this car despite a minor accident.

camphotos2_123This car was cheap. I bought it thinking it would make a fun rat rod. I sold it to Grant and made a friend as part of the deal.

IMG_2058I bought this 62 Spider from Eddie. I did a TON of work to it, got it running, did the brakes etc etc and ended up selling it to Melee organizer Jeff, he still has it and has done 3 or 4 hours of work to it since I sold it to him. Okay, maybe 8 hours.

IMG_0649There was a fuzzy 6 months when I was buying and selling cars trying to come up with cash for a down payment on a house. I bought this 71 Berlina dirt cheap. It coughed and wheezed home but a tune up later it was stellar. It would rev and rev like nothing else I’d ever driven. Sold it to Alabama.

jpberlinaI’d swear that the day the auction for the 1750 Berlina closed this car came up for sale. Was owned by Pete who sold it to JP. It was a good car but had a few problems I didn’t want to deal with. I sold it to Sash who recently sold it, little problems in tact to a guy in Auburn who quickly and unsuccessfully tried to double his money.

2600I had this when we bought the house, drove it to work for a while. Sold it to Rich for $ plus a 72 pink GTV. this car had 17,000 original kilometers, was dead reliable other than an affinity for flat tires. I bought a fantastically original NSU Prinz 2 from Pete that I had for a few months but I couldn’t get it to the point where I could use it so I sold it after the 3rd or 4th time push starting it. Byron still has it in Palo Alto.

pink gtThe Pink GTV had a bunch of parts rounded up for it, It was stripped to a shell and about to go for minor rust repair and paint when I decided I really wanted to be working on an SS. Peter bought it and it is now graphite gray and awaiting reassembly.

IMG_5259I bought this in fall of 2007 from Tom near Seattle for what looks like a song these days. Me love you long time!

fiat svIsetta was sold to fund the Fiat seen here and elsewhere on my blog. Mrs. Giulietta’s loves it and I don’t blame her. I bought this Sprint Veloce in Spring of 2008 from Max on a Lark, did about 200 hours of wiring and fixing on it and sold it to Corey. I started my blog because of this car and the SS.

thor frontThis Berlina was parked in front of Glenn’s shop with about 20 hours to pick up for part out. I bought it, got it on the road, drove it to work about 12,000 miles and sold it to Mike who lives a block from me.

spider nose jobThis charmer was on Sacramento Craigslist and Norm spotted it. Leonard flagged the ad so it would disappear pretty fast, which it did. He lowballed and I mean LOW balled but not before I contacted the seller and my lowball offer was made generous by his. This car is in the que for fix up. I would sell it if $4000 walked through the door tomorrow, but am not eager.

Thanks for bearing with my confessional. If I ever do the same for motorcycles it will take ages! The above is simply to set the stage for a post coming soon.


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