TI tidy sweet sixteen – Dashing!

Not much to say really, just trying to make a decent dash for no money out of three. You saw the gauges get cleaned up, you saw my mall security guard deputy understudy in the front yard of the apartment complex next to the dumpster attempt at wrinkle finish. Now you see me with a staple gun avoiding my fingers, stretching vinyl naugahyde (sp????) over a foam covered plastic tray. Doesn’t get much better than this!

IMG_8942In my infomercial style, you get the product before the circuitous path. Here it is, the dash me and my friends will ignore as we cruise for Bugatti’s in barns.

IMG_8917This is where it all began. I went to an upholstery shop and they said “Do it yourself”. Okay then.

IMG_8918The business side. Note comprehensive tool selection.

IMG_8919Naked dash top fitting for a new suit. Electric staple gun courtesy of Duff.

IMG_8920I pulled maybe 100 staples from the old cover and quickly learned why. You have to pull, stretch and staple to get a smooth top.

IMG_8921More staples.

IMG_8923Somewhat finished product.

IMG_8924More somewhat finished product. Not really great but when we cruise from ‘burb to ‘burb in the pasty neon of way past midnight at high speed it will be just way beyond adequate.

IMG_8941The ‘hey, this is where I am’ part of the business. Who really cares so long as the gas pedal works. So I polished the pitted chrome bits, leather conditioned the vinyl and drove a lot of 7mm hex nuts home.

Gentle reader, I am tired from three hours a day after 9 hours of mandated corporate road rash. I am wondering if Friday’s ‘move under its’ own power’ goal will happen. Do I give up now or approach failure with eyes wide open. We’ll on the lighter side of things, it’ll get done one way or another. Before or after 1530320? We’ll see.

TI Tidy Seventeen.
TI Tidy fifteen.


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