Market 131: Dad’s Giulietta SS, #455 up for sale

Update 7/20/2009.  Car sold for $27,102 making my SS project seem insanely overpriced and ambitious.  I say this car was very well bought and will probably represent a bargain, then again, I haven’t seen a really strong verifiably sold SS in a while, perhaps the market has cooled.  What do you think?

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*00455, 00120*00964. This car is on eBay right now out of Florida from the son of the long time owner. Condition is to my eyes enviable as I like the archaeological aspects of cleaning up a car that has been off the road for awhile. This car is the perfect example of what ‘easy restoration’ should mean.

!BWQ4pQwCGk~$(KGrHgoOKjsEjlLmVqugBKWlzhPZKQ~~_1It’s an SS, of course it’s good looking. All the nose trim looks well fitted and correct. White is a good color on these cars. Note windshield trim is missing.

!BWQ4yoQ!mk~$(KGrHgoOKiQEjlLmEZt(BKWl0BLU4g~~_1Blacked out rear panel is interesting as is antenna placement. Door shut lines look tight. Rear windscreen trim is missing too.

!BWQ46UgB2k~$(KGrHgoOKi4EjlLmZ,1SBKWl0finQ!~~_1My car has a speaker hole in the rear parcel shelf as well. Trunk lid to body alignment is great.

++!!jSnwB2k~$(KGrHgoOKjMEjlLmVUyGBKWl0-V17g~~_1These sure are weird cars. Long, low, swoopy and yet at other times sort of short seeming. Not much to criticize here.

!BWQ50k!B2k~$(KGrHgoOKiEEjlLmf)k0BKWl4P8Gww~~_1Fun angle only an owner usually sees. I need one of these mirrors.

!BWQ5rvQ!2k~$(KGrHgoOKjsEjlLmUU31BKWl3r,j4g~~_1Although dusty everything looks good. Gauge plastic is clear, I don’t see any dash top separation and the steering wheel, horn button and all is clean.

++!!jS2Q!mk~$(KGrHgoOKkYEjlLmY4pPBKWl2jDwP!~~_1Remains of the sticker underhood are neat. Fittings and fasteners have some rust. Florida is damp after all. Note AC pump.

!BWQ5jTwBmk~$(KGrHgoOKjwEjlLmS!t7BKWl3G8,bQ~~_1Good old fashioned dryer vent style ducting. Lots of little stuff to do, but no major hold ups to be seen.

!BWQ57c!CGk~$(KGrHgoOKiUEjlLmWrB3BKWl4phJEQ~~_1The numbers. A few cars after mine. I need one of these air-boxes complete.

Looks like a good car that will probably make decent money. If I had $30,000 laying around I’d make a play for it.

Auction text verbatim: “1962 Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale. Type AR101.20. Serial # *00455* (stamped on the upper edge of the engine compartment is *87*457* also?). Engine #AR00120 *00964* which I’m sure is the original engine. Odometer is reading 24,544 but I’m pretty sure it’s really 124,544. This was my late Father’s baby so I have known the car since he bought it in the early 70’s from the original owner. Dad drove it into the early 80’s and then it sat in his garage for next 20 years waiting to be restored while he collected new parts. The car never had much rust, bottoms of doors and floorboard only. In the early 2000’s the car was striped and repainted with all new metal by Nunzio in Central Florida. No filler or fiberglass was used and it was painted back the original white with a black tail inset. Paint is shiny and near perfect but with a couple small chips on the edges of doors, hood etc. Nunzio had the car for a couple of years so when Dad got it back he started to reassemble. Paint and body work was around 12k and well worth it. The exterior has all new or re-triple plated chrome that is perfect and just needs polishing. He bought new tail light lenses from Re-Originals. It has new front and rear glass/weatherstripping however the front has a small crack @ top passenger side from sitting around on a concrete floor for years waiting to be installed. Front and rear weatherstrip trim has not been installed yet but is included. Plexi spoiler at windshield is new. Bullet mirrors were new but are loose. Will include others that he had.

Engine was rebuilt a few years ago and has a 1400 cc Alfa Romeo piston upgrade kit he bought in Italy years back. Engine has been turned over but not run and has Marvel Mystery Oil in the cylinders. Carbs were rebuilt and well as the transmission. Tranny was upgraded to non-moly. Car has a trans ignition installed.

Brakes were rebuilt but probably will have to be gone through due to sitting. Suspension is original with the original Konis I believe.

Interior was redone in the original blue & grey with blue carpet. Seats and door panel look good but carpet needs help. New headliner and dash top. Weatherstripping around door has not been done but can be obtained from Re-Originals.

Original wheels were sandblasted and painted but had pitted rust and should be replaced. Tires and hubcaps are new.

Underside of the car is fine and was undercoated by Nunzio. Jacking points are perfect. Dad also replaced the original worn out pot metal window regulator gears with aircraft aluminum ones of his own making.

If you haven’t noticed yet, air conditioned was added and also a third brake light. Overall the car is 95% done, 99% complete and 100% dirty and needing a lot of TLC but is a great, solid car. As for me, I’ve had Alfas all my life and am currently restoring my old ’66 Sprint GT and don’t have the heart or brain power for any other projects maybe forever.”

Worse car.

Similar car.

Better car.


1 thought on “Market 131: Dad’s Giulietta SS, #455 up for sale

  1. I wonder if this car belonged to Fred DiMatteo… he passed a couple of years back, and was certainly a hardcore Alfa nut who I think managed to pass the hobby on to his kids. Dunno if he owned one of these…

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