TI Tidy 15: More songs about electrons

Sunday sunday. I ate two poached eggs on sourdough toast, sipped my coffee over the news of the day and made my way down to the shop before 10 am. I had a full day planned and getting right to it seemed the best approach.

Prologue: Saturday was slightly trying along the lines of receiving a call from Mrs. Giuliettas thus: “the Sprint wont start.” She was at the grocery getting snacks for friends who were coming over with their kids to take pictures in her children’s clothing line (ajang ajang handmade) and of course the Sprint waited for her to be driving to cause problems. I picked her up, dropped her off at home and drove down to the store in Brian’s Volvo to jump start the Sprint. The Sprint was illegally parked on private property so I had a small sense of urgency but for all my pensiveness and jump starting efforts the Sprint just wouldn’t turn over fast enough to start. I thought: “catastrophic battery failure” and went to the local chain auto parts store and bought an appropriate battery. Still no start, just a slow RRR RRR RRR. I go back to the Volvo, having decided I needed a break (beer) and THE VOLVO WONT START. I have one of those ‘run off to Mexico’ moments but decide I should walk the two blocks to Duff’s place and get some help. We bump start the Sprint in front of Longs without much fuss then I decide we should check the Volvo for spark etc while I have capable help. At the last possible moment after trying everything, when we give up and I say ‘one more for princess Di’ and it starts, sweet. We drop the Sprint off on a hill by my house and I put the Volvo where I can leave it for a while. I think the Volvo was flooded as it requires the polar opposite starting approach to the Sprint. So Sunday morning I am thinking: I drive the Sprint EVERY DAY so I better fix that starting problem. Off I go.

IMG_8907Excusing above cathartic diatribe, here is the TI after wiring the water temp sender, solenoid, and coil. That’s big. I spent $30 at a local chain auto parts store and bought + and – battery leads along with a $10 basic ignition switch. I wired it all up, installed a battery and RRR, RRR, RRR it turned over!

IMG_8906This is the theater of surgery. The harness in the foreground is all about donating correctly colored wires. PO seemed to be trying to use it as a replacement but it had a lot of melted wires and was from a Spica era 2 liter, so in addition to being flawed it was inappropriate. Awesome.

IMG_8905You are thinking A-ha, the Sprint starter problem and you are right except this was the Sprint starter problem circa 6/15/09. I swapped this one on the way to work one Monday morning and the starter that replaced it (of unknown integrity) lasted until Saturday afternoon, when the bushing on the end that lives in the bell housing decided 1/4 inch of freeplay was too much and decided to quit. I installed another unknown starter so let’s hope for the best. Statistics are on my side from one perspective. Their all old, but they can’t all be bad!

IMG_8903What do you call this? I’ve called it the binnacle, the surround and ‘that part the Super gauges mount in’, but I’m sure it has a name. I sprayed $6 rattle can wrinkle finish paint on it but it showed my spray pattern so I tried on the extra I had laying around, same outcome. I’ll see how they look tomorrow before I get busy media blasting and starting over.

Okay, so it probably doesn’t sound very good, but I also got the TI clutch bled via Laurence’s suggestion and cleaned up a few more dash parts. I could probably fire the TI up without much more work.

Oh, and 1530320 is now a runner.

TI Tidy fourteen.
TI TIdy Sixteen.


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