TI Tidy fourteen: brightening the corners

This is another one that I could just show pictures of but I didn’t capture all the struggles as well as I’d have liked so you have to endure a few words from your humble guide.

Below is how you do it when you don’t actually care how it comes out. Wrap some tape around the lenses and psst psst psst: job done.

IMG_8399First thing I did was assemble everything to make sure it all fit together to the extent that it was not a fools errand trying to clean these up. If you look closely there is all sorts of wrong to be seen.

IMG_8401These sorts of pictures mislead. It was easily an hour getting these out of the car what with the combination of rusty threads, stripped heads and the like. Next I have to take all these pieces apart and strip them. Fun.

IMG_8400Sort of tough really. I think this car got hit once or twice, possibly more. It’s not straight, doesn’t fit together right and has ugly welds all over the place, but it’s charming and has a lot of undiscovered character. I think I’m in love. Onward.

IMG_8883More prep etc. Look at the crud trapped in the fog light backing. Sweet. The cleanish headlight backing on top is one I had laying around to replace one that is still probably kicking around the PO’s garage. All screws in it were utterly stuck and broke off. Drill and tap, my favorite.

IMG_8884The blast cabinet has its strengths and weaknesses. Here I decided a scraping session would help the cabinet get through the several layers of tenacious overspray. I used Jasco on the chrome parts and then blasted the backs and edges. Came out good.

IMG_8885Test fitting the first complete assembly. I need to get this stuff in paint or buy a Cad plating rig. Does look pretty nice compared to the before shot. Notice how the headlight bucket is mounted (welded) about 1/4 inch too high and too close to the fog light. Oops!

IMG_8886Here they are all tucked in. Lots of new screws, bending and cursing to get to this point. Good thing the outer grill takes care of a lot of the alignment problems.

IMG_8887And the other side. Inner Bosch lights were in my box o’ lights which also contains ONE Hella flat H4, ONE Cibie Z-beam E4 and ONE Marchal IODE H4. Time to get a match to one of those off eBay. Hopefully the Marchal as I have ONE matching Marchal fog light I would have to chase a mate to down. I plan on trying some transparent yellow paint I heard about on the Bosch fogs. Should be cool.

There you have it, another installment of fussing over a suspect piece of crap because modern life has created a tidal wave of idle hands including mine. Stay tuned for my undoubtedly frustrating rewire session that is due to begin tomorrow. The dash is out, the diagrams studied and the labels and markers poised for action. Swell. Did I mention most of this happened before work on Friday because I woke up at 415 am and couldn’t fall back to sleep. You heard it here first.

Wait until you meet my new friend 1530320.
TI Tidy thirteen.
TI tIdy fifteen.


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