TI Tidy Twelve: incremental improvements

Three hours is a lot of time when you know what you are going to do every step of the way, but when you are unsure of the next move, time without visible progress passes quickly. Indecision robs you of momentum.

I’m not saying I didn’t get anything done, just not nearly as much as I thought I would.

IMG_8875The Weber’s (40DCOE 27’s with 32mm chokes) have enjoyed the gentle touch of a natural bristle brush soaked in white gas followed by rattle can carb cleaner and are now not-so-firmly mounted in case I have to remove them to trace a difficult wire. A couple of feet of fuel line cut to length and clamped appropriately and this picture will be complete.

IMG_8876I would give a T-shirt to the guesser of what’s going on here but: a) I don’t tend to get enough guesses for it to be worth it; b) it’s harder than it looks and c) well, forget about c). I painted a crusty Bosch coil of unknown origin with some gold paint I got for Christmas a few years back from my cousin. Looks like a Lucas sport coil now. Sweet!

IMG_8877No, it’s not the corner of a Cheerios box (to match the backing on my Sprints rear view mirror- no really) it’s an aluminum housing I found in the garbage at work and cut up to mount my hanging pedal clutch and brake dual fluid bottle.

IMG_8878Ah, there it is now. Other excitement… the booster is plumbed for air and fluid. Not much left but wires to deal with over here.

So, this afternoons three hours will be strictly planned thus: Plumb clutch and brake fluid to masters then bleed, install Facet fuel pump near the gas tank without considering wiring (yet), hook up fuel lines to carbs and test fit the used exhaust I got from Aaron. If this goes smoothly I will install the coil, fabricate battery leads, install breather bottle, hook up the loose tie rod end and well, that might be enough.

Questions: Do I run on dry cracked tires for a while? Do I swap out the dash for a Super dash before attempting to wire the car up or wire it up as is then convert? Do I try and use a column ignition switch or just install a three pronger conveniently? Do I buy the black Super carpet set of the BB even though it is a hanging pedal item?

You get the idea…

TI tidy thirteen.
Click here for the last installment of my TI tribulations.


1 thought on “TI Tidy Twelve: incremental improvements

  1. In some ways, you are where I am with my Beta. I’m focusing on getting it running and dealing with everything else once the car’s on the road and I can bond with it a bit.

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