TI Tidy Thirteen: plumbed, well almost

Did I make a list yesterday? Well I forgot it so I made it up as I went this afternoon. First order was mounting of the newly engoldened coil. Sweet. Next came a struggle with the rubber line to the clutch side of the hydraulic fluid reservoir. It went for the most part down hill from there until I left. I did get a fair chunk done though. Weber’s are ready to go at least. Still need filters.

IMG_8882In addition to a super dumb color coil is the MOST genius possible lazy mans mounting point for a Facet fuel pump. I should patent this placement! I went for an underhood placement when I discovered the hardline went to within about 2 inches from the fuel tank out back.

IMG_8880To make my stupifying pump placement possible I hogged out one side of the mount plate and enlarged the hole on the other side. In the background? Corner of a Kroil can courtesy of Bently man and former shop mate Roland. A yellow and red wire that is from the electric start on a Honda Dream, serious noise protection and a coffee can containing 2 sets of SS door/trunk buttons soaking in oil.

IMG_8814No brake line wrenches? No problem, cut the line and let the next guy figure out how to deal with it. Spool o’ brake line stock and line clamp tool courtesy of Andrew.

IMG_8815Here I am trying to get the hang of a tubing bending tool. Ultimately I used a line I had laying around that was mostly correct, only requiring a fitting swap and a new bubble flare.

IMG_8879Ah yes, the brake master cylinder. So I plumbed the make-shift reservoir assembly and connected it to the clutch master line and hunted around for the brake master line. No find. Turns out it is this knotted up line in a box I had been curious about or a few days. In the epic battle to connect that line I ended up removing the master cylinder which of course led to a strip down and rebuild. Here it is post such. Good thing I had a kit on hand!

IMG_8813These wheels? 4.5″ x 15″ Borrani’s from the mid 60’s. Might be too little tire for a two liter powered TI. Still deciding. the 14X5.5’s on it have dry but do-able tires. We’ll see. Sombreros? I don’t think so.

There you have it. Proof that I am making progress. Well, for all you know I could have finished this project seven years ago and be spoon feeding old project pictures, but I guess there are enough eyewitnesses to know otherwise so trust me, I’m tired from being under the car struggling with the master cylinder.

Up next: plumb fuel pump, bleed hydraulics (YES!!!), test fit exhaust and start with the electrons. So excited. No, really.

TI Tidy 14.
The last installment.


4 thoughts on “TI Tidy Thirteen: plumbed, well almost

  1. Dear Matt,
    Bleed the clutch by opening the gravity bleed till fluid is present, close it then push the slave piston back-to-front at the release arm & it’s all done!
    Cheers, Laurence

  2. I know the feeling you get when simple, direct solutions present themselves, like you facet mount. But, I would seriously see if some (rubber)shock isolation can be incorporated under the pump.

  3. Great job on the fuel pump – I like. The gold coil on the other hand….

    What kind of filter setup are you going for? I have the 1600 airbox + canister, and I also have a set of sprint filters with aluminum mounting plate.

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