Market 130: Bertone Giulietta prototype?

Giulietta 10591 prototype.  This car is available right now out of Finland.  It is said to have been made by Bertone but the styling cues seem to me to be a little later than 1959 though (1969?)  I do see a Sprint under there if a squint just a bit.  Anyone know the story here?  Sellers story is below.  Oh, and it’s 40K Euro’s.


Looks a bit like this modified car.  Kind of approaches something sort of Opel or??


This looks to me to be from the late 60’s.  Wheels and marker lights definitely are from that era.  Sprint windshield though.


Triumph GT6 meets Ferrari 275.  Aluminum, steel or bondo under there?


Rear view looks late 60’s as do dash vents.  GTV map pockets, large wing windows.  Giulia era 101 gauges.  What can I say?  Not really attractive, but definitely odd!

I’d like to hear from anyone who knows any documented history about this car.

Ad text Verbatim: “Concorse d’Originalita Winner 2005

Giulietta Sprint 105 91 Prototipo, 1959
Sami and Timo Kuusikko

This unique Giulietta Sprint 105 91 Prototipo is been produced by a designer at Bertone. We do not know exactly when it was finished, it can be as early as 1954, but most likely this proto type is produced closer to 1961, when it was taken to normal street use.

The chassis is hand made, its steel is shaped without moulds and its final shapes are finished with finnishing filler. The engine is 1.3 litre all aluminium Twin Cam, it has 5 gears gearbox. All wheels have disc brakes. It is equipped with 12 V DC generator.

The car was given to designer working for Bertone as a gift. He donated it to his daughter.
To Finland it was brought by a known Finnish Alfa collector Mr. Reijo Tamminen and it was stored in Pietarsaari. At the CARF’s Alfa exhibition during DTM race in Helsinki 1995 it was available for public.

Sami and Timo bought the car from Mr. Tamminen in 2005. Sami and TImo repaired it for normal every day usage. For the future it will be held as original as possible.”


1 thought on “Market 130: Bertone Giulietta prototype?

  1. Hello! This car is now for sale in Finland again. Mr Reijo Tamminen (died some years ago) from Pietarsaari, Finland bought this in Italy (when?). I contacted his son and he told same story as his father. I do not know if this car (proto?) would be worth to buy. Regards Jyrki Laitinen

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