TI Tidy eleven: Lots of loose ends

Surprisingly easy and yet frustrating is how it has been going since the engine dropped in. The easy part probably mainly the result of the intrinsic simplicity of these cars, the frustration mostly the result of the utter disregard with which this car was treated when it was taken apart. In any case, progress continues to be made and it may be that I will make my goal of driving this thing to Pixar’s 2009 Motorama the weekend after next.

Not pictured below is any of the two days I spent bolting the engine and trans mounts down, installing the giubo and basically under the car, on my back cursing. I will only have to return to that position and frame of mind when it comes time to install the new speedometer cable and mount the exhaust that Aaron gave me.

IMG_8867Not necessarily necessary but nice; the brake booster. PO simply cut the line running from it to the junction. A brake line making session ensued and I was triumphant. The celebrate I installed the booster and line. I’m sure you can already sense what will be the biggest job.

IMG_8868PO had the exhaust manifold painted. Hopefully it’s rated for heat or it’s gonna stink! Alternator is internally regulated and has one of those three wire boxes that I need to mount somewhere. I thought about running the distributor cap there but the logistics were a nightmare. That relay above the exhaust cam is probably for the Bosch fog lights this thing wore when I had it the first time. I’ll find out as part of the ‘big job’.

IMG_8871That’s better, ignition wires where they belong. Intake manifold is ready to receive the Webers courtesy of new mounts and a bunch of 13mm 8 x 1.0mm nuts from Laurence. Hopefully the linkage works out and the starter is good and a million other things I’m trusting blindly don’t let me down. Shall I replace that thermostat? If so, how do I remove it? Oh, and you can just peek the narrow blade Euro cold-climate ‘saves-you-4hp (or whatever)’ fan. Don’t ask me where that blue wire goes!

IMG_8869This guy was no big deal to install. I hear that can’t be said of bleeding it. We’ll see, if I can straighten out the wires I can do anything under the sun and may run for mayor of Oakland.

IMG_8870This is where it all comes from. I am going to duct tape this somewhere in the engine compartment and it will act as master cylinder for the clutch and brake systems. It is drying out here after being washed in purple power, Prince’s proprietary potion for degreasing and general prettifying. Andrew Watry donated this bunch of plastic to the cause, thanks Andrew!

IMG_8872The thing about Weber’s is they are so good looking. Not to mention how well they work. These are 40DCOE27’s that have had implants that allow them to hang out in the company of the mighty Alfa 2 liter. First of course, all that crud seen in there has to be removed. Floats look nice though. Anyone want to donate a few hours in an ultra-sonic bath to me in exchange for favorable mention?

Wow my picture captions are verbose tonight. Even more than what is seen and mentioned above got done, suffice to say the wiring will soon commence. No telling how it will turn out though, well, I’m sure a few of you gentle readers have developed some small faith in my ability to prevail so I’ll try not to let you down. Stay tuned.

TI Tidy twelve.
TI Tidy Ten.


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