Market #39: rough 60 Spider project non-roller

Update 7/14/09: 7 bidders had it out and the new result was $2025.  Not bad really.

Update 7/1/09:  “This car is being relisted due to difficulties in concluding the sale to an International buyer.  U.S. Bidders only!!!b”

Update 6/11/09: Wow, 15 bidders fought it out and the winner spent $2236 buying this car, 11x more than the last result.  Bravo, so now buy my car already, it’s twice as good as this and closer to home.

Update 6/4/09: This car has been listed on eBay again. Get in there. What are you waiting for? Bidding starts at $200. Such a deal. I’d drop half that to have the hood hinges.

Update 8/19/08. Reserve not met. Bidding reached $202.50 and would have been very well bought at that price. Car is relisted with $50 opening bid and $1500 buy it now. At least we now have an idea what the seller thinks it’s worth. Due to the complexity of moving this thing I am not sure even $1000 makes sense to anyone but a local to the car.

Giulietta Spider 10104 1495*11267. Listed here on eBay as a 1958 Spider parts car or body for restoration. Numbers indicate the car is a late 1960 interim car. As of writing this the auction has no bids and starts at $50.

It’s nice to see someone list a car like this without the usual hyperbole about how close it is to being a runner etc. The real shame here is this doesn’t look like it was such a bad car too long ago. I am going to guess someone pulled the wheels off to get some tires mounted and do the brakes, lost interest for a few years , lost the wheels and brake parts then sold it for parts. Eventually it ended up belly on the ground in Orrick MO (just outside of Kansas City), where we finally caught up with it.

Surprisingly straight and solid on the top side at least. I paid $1500 for a similar car earlier this year but it was on wheels. Trim parts seen here are all very valuable.

Broken windshield is too bad. Hood hinges look good.

At least the parts stayed with the car. I see seat pans, trans tunnel cover, trans mount, steering wheel ring and more. Trim around the door openings and strike plates are still present as well.

Bumpers, tail light bases, trunk lid hinges all present. Even the under door stainless trim spears are present.

Speedometer is gone but everything else is present. Steering wheel is trashed. Nosing trim on dash is hard to find. Note giant hole in floor.

It looks to me like someone used a cutting torch to separate the brake components from the suspension. Sad.

I would pay $1000 for this car if it was local and wasn’t worse than it looks in the pictures upon inspection. Someone with some time and resources could get about $3000 or more out of the little parts left on this car, or as the seller suggests, buy all the repair panels and learn to weld like a pro. It would be nice to see it saved thus, but I doubt it will happen anytime soon. Probably the best it could hope for is to be dragged to someones warehouse and preserved for the day when it makes financial sense to fix.


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