Market 125: Giulia Spider project 10123*379887.

Update 6/28: 29 bidders duked it out and the high bidder got this car for $6433.  Not bad, not bad at all.  Seller is probably back in the green on the sale and high bidder got if nothing else a fabulous parts car or tough but do-able project.

Giulia Spider 10123*379887 is available on eBay now out of Lafayette California, just over the hill from me. It wears Texas plates and has some significant but not terminal underside rust so don’t let the California auction mislead you. It is however an unmolested example (unmolested is another way of saying ignored), ready for restoration so the new owner will be the first one to take anything apart and begin the process.

379887 noseAppears to have been molested a little to the left of the grill. Center badge is missing (cheap repro is available) and so is the grill eyebrow above the license plate. All in all pretty good up here.

379887 backThis wheel is a desireable Borrani. Under door trim is missing. Car sits reasonably low and everything fits more or less.

379887 crunchA little more molestation can be seen here. Transit damage from the Texas trip? It’s a shame, because this paint looks like it would rub out pretty good.

379887 interiorLooks like that mean ol’ Texas sun had its way with this interior although the gauges don’t look very yellowed. Steering wheel looks pretty good too.

379887 engine“May well run.” I suppose this means it turns over and in my experience, if it turns over it will run unless there is a rod sticking out the side of the block. For completeness and correctness this is a good place to start as far as these cars goes.

Auction text: “1966 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider all-original and complete, unmolested. Needs complete restoration. Body panels are all solid, floors are rusted and need to be replaced. Engine has not been run in decades, but may well run. Everything is here, and when this diamond-in-the-rough is restored it will be quite valuable. These cars are extremely rare. The rusted floors are typical, and the rockers look good. It comes without keys, unfortunately. The rear brakes are also locked up, as the car has not been moved in nearly 20 years. This is a project for a true enthusiast. Its Italian styling is impeccable, and it deserves a proper restoration.”

379887 under oneThis is not horrible. Not as good as my Spider, but probably close to the same amount of work to fix. Note new tires.

379887 under 2A little more evidence of entropy at work. Input energy will be required to bring nature back to order here. Get your welder or check book out!

This car is just over $4000 at the time of writing. The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the worlds Alfa hot spots as far as ownership, repair/restoration resources and general enthusiasm goes which bodes well for this car. Assuming this car cost about $1200 to get out here from Texas, and assuming the seller bought it for about $4000 – $5000 and was either disappointed at the condition when it turned up or turned off by transit accident damage that transit companies always manage to weasle out of paying for, I am going to guess this car will end, reserve not met, unless reserve is around $4500. All in all this car is in about the same condition as my late 1300 Spider which is for sale, which car is the more desireable model is in the eye of the beholder.

A worse comparable car.

A similar comparable car.

A better comparable car(s).


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