Sprint 750B ‘Easy Restoration’?

While on my usual morning stroll through the information super highway (I only ever go a few exits myself) I came across a reference to Bart Holland in the Netherlands on the Alfa BB.  The reference mentioned ‘a lot of pictures of a Sprint 750B restoration’.  I would soon learn this is an understatement.  From their home page you can link to the restoration of this car.

The pictures below are of the car before restoration.  I am going to assume that this is a case of the car looking better in pictures than it is, and that the owner wanted a perfect Sprint, or maybe this car was restored with such careful documentation to demonstrate their skills.  Either way it is amazing.  Go to the website only if you have some time to kill.  Their skill at dealing with imperfect parts and making them better than new in a lot of cases is evident and well documented. 

08857 frontThis picture is a copyright Bart holland.  I don’t think they’ll mind my using it since I’m giving them free advertising.  Looks like the ususal ‘restored’  Sprint found on eBay.  Wait until you see what this car goes through!

engineEven the engine looks okay, and it probably runs decent enough. 

I’m not much of a restoration advocate, but it’s nice to know some of these cars are being brought to a standard that means they will be well cared for and out live us all.

On their website is this sage advise:

“1.  A restoration always costs more than you think

2.  A restoration always takes longer than you expect

3.  You never get back what you invest

4.  If you don’t do it properly, you lose everything you invest

5.  Only do a restoration when you want to keeop a car “for the rest of your life””

I have not seen so straight forward an approach to running this sort of business.  Bravo Bart Holland.

In addition to the Sprint I am pointing out here they have a number of neat cars such as a Glas 1600GT, an Alfa 2600 Spider and many others which have undergone similar treatment.


6 thoughts on “Sprint 750B ‘Easy Restoration’?

  1. Hi Matt,
    Pleased to have been of service giving the link at the BB.
    The pics of Bart Holland have given me quite a lot of good references to details of the Sprint for my own work!
    I just hope they will keep the pics there for a long time to come and keep on adding them!


  2. So is it Celeste blue or Bianco nube, cloud blue? They must have a full-time photographer on duty to take nearly 1400 pictures! Great references for a “step-by-step” restoration. Thanks for the link.

  3. Nice restoration but some things I don’t understand like the recreation of the ‘aeroplane’ on the bootlid, it is nice craftmanship but if you look you can see that it’s shape is really different than the original… Next to that it is not so hard to find an original one on eBay etc, (would probaply be a lot cheaper to).

  4. One interesting thing about that car at Bart Holland is that it has a 101 style grille, (heart), but the shape of the pressing is the same as the 750 style.

    This must have abeen a very limited run during the transition years, I’ve only ever seen one other car wearing this style / shape of Alfa grille & even then I could not be sure that it wasn’t the same car, (looks like the same colour in the pictures I have).

    There was one of these grilles for sale on Ebay USA a while back, I’m sure the buyer got a suprise when trying to fit it to his car.

    This restoration goes beyond the resto that most folks would do, however for those of us who do get this down-&-dirty during a full resto – we do it at a zero labour cost

    Agree on the aeroplane, the original Mazak ones can be repaired

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