Market #37: “Alpha Romeo Giulietta Sprint Voloce”

Update: 6/3/09. 20 bids, $11,311 the high bid with reserve not met.  I am willing to bet this is less than the current owner paid for the car, pity since it sounds like it is in perfectly usable shape.  If it were me I’d go down to the local auto paint shop, get rid of the yellow and buy some grills for it.  I doubt there is one bidder who is not subtracting at least $1500 from their max based on doing these things.  Other than that maybe add all the badges and get some Sprint seats.

Update: 5/28/09. 21533 is back on eBay after having found an owner to attend to its needs making it roadworthy, as presentable as possible, and who could write an auction description that actually tells something about the car.

21533 noseI’m still at odds with the blacked out grills and yellow mask, but over-all this is an attractive car. Current owner has done a good job preparing it for a profit making resale.

21533 rearVery nice back end that was never pictured in the last auction. Bumper, tail light bases, airplane, trunk latch and window trims all look excellent.

Auction text: “This is a beautiful example of a 1300 Sprint and in excellent condition. The car runs very well with all mechanicals either re done or replaced in California in the early 1990s, with some additional work done in Chicago. It was then stored for 12-14 years on the second floor of a garage in Iowa. I have most of the receipts. Original 1300 cc matching numbers engine, with a single Weber.

Exterior: Originally white exterior/blue interior. Stripped and painted in 1992. Doors, trunk, engine compartment and dash all painted. I have found no evidence of rust on the car at present. All floors jack points and rockers are solid, but there is bubbling on the paint from 15 years of storage. I have tried to show where in the photos. No bubbling in rockers or wheel wells. You either like the yellow nose or not, but it is striking. There is some bondo in the rocker area, according to my magnet. There is white paint showing in 3 places: where the hood closes; on the underside of both doors as they must not be hung perfectly and they scrape a little when closing so that the red paint has worn off. Small areas, in photos. All trim is bright, bumpers were re chromed and are in almost perfect condition. I do not have the front eyebrow pieces. Wheels have been powder coated and are excellent with correct very good hubcaps all around. Tires almost new condition Pirelli.

Interior: Everything re done: Headliner, seats carpets, door panels. Very, very nice. You will not be disappointed. Dash is very nice, no cracks. The cover on the radio delete area is leather and has shrunk a little so the edges are turned up somewhat. The seats are very nice but not original – they look like GT JR seats to me, but fully adjustable and in great condition. All new rubber, clear windows. The aluminum threshold pieces that have ‘Carrozzeria Bertone’ on them are scratched.

Drive train: Engine starts well, no smoke, sounds great. Leaks small amounts of oil after driving. Transmission is 5 speed, don’t know when the upgrade took place but it shifts very well in every gear no grinding up or down. Muffler/tailpipe is not complete, it ends under rear left wheel.

Mechanicals: all wiring is re done; all hoses re done; steering box rebuilt, all suspension done – springs, Koni shocks, rear travel limiting straps, motor mounts, fuel pump, water pump, all wheel bearings. Drives very tight, very responsive light steering. All lights, wipers, turn signals work. At this time the left pod on the dash has two gauges not working: the water temp, oil temp. I have a replacement for the gauges that I will include with the selling price, if I do not have time to replace myself. 140 mph speedo.

The car was stored in Iowa for 12-14 years (after restoration in San Diego, with some follow up work done in Chicago) on the second floor of a garage. I took the gas tank out and had it boiled and lined, cleaned fule lines, completely went through the brakes and replaced all whel cylinders that had seized up from sitting, changed all fluids – differential, tranny, engine, radiator. There is no rust on the car but the paint is bubbling from sitting so long in a number of places that I have tried to photograph. No bubbles on the rocker panels or wheel arches, no floor rust what so ever. Although the bubbling would prevent a concours win, the paint is very nice as it is except for this.

I am selling the car as is with the non original parts as you see them: steering wheel, seats, carb, air cleaner and missing trim pieces. I will sell separately the following in very good shape: original Giulietta steering wheel with horn button and horn ring; Bertone side pieces for front fenders; all 6 side ‘spears’ in very good shape, trim piece for the engine hood with underneath piece that mounts it from the underside of the engine bonnet; and the ‘Sprint’ script for the trunk. Call me for a price if you are interested in the items. I do not have the original air cleaner box, carb, the small round Alfa piece for the trunk that goes over the airplane chrome piece, or the front eyebrows.

I am selling because I have 3 other Alfas and I think this one should have a home where it gets driven and shown more than I will be able to. Call Peter L with any questions at 800-211-8170 10 am – 4 pm central time, or email me at Serious callers only, please, and serious bidders only. $500 deposit to hold car within 72 hours of end of bidding. Payment by papal, bank wire, certified check or cash when picked up. I can store the car for you for 60 days, you arrange shipping.”

21533 rockerThis looks a little scary but judging by everything else I will say there is not likely to be any rust in here. I know a high dollar restorer who always spends extra time getting the seam between the rocker and floor pan right. If you don’t it’s kind of like stopping 10 feet from the summit on a mountain climb.

21533 dashDash looks great. Same steering wheel as Market 120? I don’t think the rear view mirror is correct if anyone cares. I like the gray carpet. Two levers sticking out of the steering column means it doesn’t have a high beam switch on the floor so it probably isn’t a car that was made for the US market.

21533 engineThe business. Original build plates are nice to have. The smaller build plate beside the VIN/Engine number plate is probably for NSU in Germany, Renault in France (would have a glass brake fluid reservior originally), or Willys in Mexico assembling the car which supports my theory above that this is not a US market car.

There you have it. Polished up, mechanically refreshed and well presented. I think now it probably is worth the August of 2008 $18,000 buy it now asking. Lets see if it can find some one who wants a Sprint to use and enjoy. One can only hope!

Update: On 8/10/08 seller ended the auction early, hopefully to put comprehensive pictures and description together and re-list it.

Giulietta Sprint 1493*21533. According to Fusi the 45th Sprint Normale made in 1960. I think the auction title says it all, someone (Rick, I’m sorry man but it’s true) with no Alfa, eBay, or even seemingly much internet experience is doing some poor soul with Alzheimers a ‘favor’ and listing their car for sale. You can buy it now for $18,000 or bid.

Casting my usual suspicions aside about ‘misrepresentation through faked ignorance’ I am going to guess that it is probably a decent enough car that barely runs, needs its fluids gone through and would yield a very solid driver after a weekend of easy tinkering. If this is true, 6 pictures from thoughtful angles (diagonal front drivers, diagonal rear passengers, drivers door open with camera about 4 feet off the ground with the shift knob in the center, engine compartment from carb side, empty trunk open from 6 feet back and under one front rocker corner showing both rocker and floor), an hour of internet research and the use of a spell (and grammar) checker would probably bring more than the buy it now price.

“This was part of a collection of imports it is now part of an estate this is a one of a kind car it was in storage for over 14 years it runs but needs some work was restored before it was put in storeage fun little car to drive. Mileage not known.”

I actually think I’ve seen this car before. Not too many ‘Voloces’ got the yellow nose without grills treatment. Front bumper looks spectacular as does every other piece of brightwork in this picture. I even like the area inside the grills blacked out.

Dusty wheels like this are usually a sign of a car that has sat for a while. Door fit is good, no badges, rear reflectors or under-door trim. Stance is a little low, performance mods?

These very nice looking seats are from a GT Junior if I’m not mistaken. Door panel looks great. This shot, the very good panel fit and the period driving lights are what makes me think this car is better than it is being presented as.

Looks to me like an AROC sticker in the window, definitely a good sign. Windshield wipers sit up kind of high. GTA style nose paint indicates to me there is probably a later larger engine in there, a 1600 perhaps? No one would risk inviting the stop light challenges that paint scheme would attract if they didn’t think they could win at least once in a while.

A question and answer says a lot.

“Rick: Can you tell me specifically what kind of work it will need? Is it an original car w/matching numbers or is it a composite car? Is is complete w/tools and all the trim? thanks”

“not a composite car as far as trim what you see in the photos is what there is right now the car is at a shop the brake clinders are bad and the gas tank had crude in it I can get you pictures as far as numbers go best off my knowledge they match I want to make on thing clear this is not my car it is an estate car the owner has alzhmers can not not help me with these questions”

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that if it interests you, this car is probably worth flying to Iowa to check out. The trim that is present looks good, what can be seen of the interior looks great and the AROC club sticker on the windshield and paint scheme tells me this car was loved by an Alfa person at some point.


5 thoughts on “Market #37: “Alpha Romeo Giulietta Sprint Voloce”

  1. Hello: I am presently the high bidder on this car(though probably not for long) and the one who’s question you quoted. I have found out, by asking many more questions and seeing pictures on Rick’s MySpace page, more about this Alfa. Rick’s wife works for a bank and since he knows something about cars, he is selling it for them and for the Alzheimer man’s estate. The dirt on the tires is from the car sitting at least for 14 years. It supposedly was restored before put in storage. I have asked if there are any receipts but haven’t gotten an answer yet. Rick says he’s going to take more photos and even remove the ad and replace if if he feels that he has misrepresented it in any way. From the MySpace photos the car has the correct speedo and tach from a Veloce- Rick says it has a 4 spd. There is a dash plate that says “Sprint” but not “Sprint Veloce”. The engine appears to have one carb and the hood has insulation. Maybe it’s a 1600 engine? There are no emblems elsewhere and the car is devoid of any chrome trim on the rockers and hood. One of my concerns is that the car was probably started and driven for a bit with the “crud” in the gas tank after 14 or more years in storage. When I asked him why he thought it was a Veloce model and not a Normale w/Veloce Upgrades he said someone told him it was a Veloce. And yes, Rick needs to learn how to use punctuation! I’ve even asked of the name of the guy with Alzheimers to see if any other Alfisti might know of him and the car but haven’t gotten a reply yet. It’s hard to tell what level of quality the restoration is and how it’s held up since it was restored, especially with all the dirt on it! Yes, I think a serious buyer should see it in person or just take your chances since it’s a pretty nice car.

    Rob Stone

  2. Additional info: Rick can’t give me the name of the owner because of bank regulations. But his wife says he was never a member of an Alfa club. One bidder retracted his high bid-don’t know why-maybe he realized it wasn’t a Veloce model after all. Still have not received photos of the undercarriage or the photos verifying the numbers as matching the engine and body with just a few days left on the auction, or to determine if it has any veloce features. Don’t know where the car is for the work Rick says it needs to the brake cylinders and “crud” in the gas tank. I would assume it would need all fluids replaced, new tires, etc. to recommission it and make it road worthy, not to mention looking at the master cylinder and all brake hoses, fuel lines, etc.

    Rob Stone

  3. the latest is that there are many photos now on Rick’s Myspace page of the undercarriage, oil pan, gas tank,etc. The paint has some bubbles, not sure if this rust or just the paint lifting. I think Rick mistook the single 2 barrel downdraft carb for two carbs- He also says he might or might not have the spare tire and wheel plus some additional trim. Anyway the whole thing is starting to sound a bit confusing and I wonder what kind of level of quality the restoration was to the rest of the car mechanically, if the body is starting to rust out from just sitting in storage.

  4. All the correct brightwork is missing from the nose, it should have the 101 style grille & eyebrows, but wears the incorrect style 750 grille.

    Not a Veloce, but still looks like a nice driver – the yellow nose would have to go.

    Seats are from a 105 Series Giulia Sprnt GTV.

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