Market 121: A tale of 3 red 1600 Spiders

Update 6/2/09: Canada Spider is no longer available for sale.  I guess they got cold feet about a last minute bid surge.  Okay folks, here it is, the secret to a solid auction: start very low, $1 is good, provide ample information on the car you are selling and high quality pictures, have no reserve and let the auction play out. If you need a shill bidder to establish a fake reserve, so be it, but if you are unrealistic, your car won’t sell.  If you look carefully at these three auctions my advice is substantiated.  Look for another mediocre auction featuring then now passe Canada Spider.  Sigh.

Update 6/1/09: Colorado Spider sold for $17057,95 with an amazing 48 bids. Staten Island ‘Spyder’ sold Buy it Now for $13,500. Apparently the seller got excited and lowered the buy it now price. Canada Spider still has some time left. It looks like it will out-do its last sold price of $17,600, having 1 bid at $18,999 right now.

It’s not often there are 3 red Spiders on eBay at the same time in similar condition. With the market thus flooded it might not be a bad time to make a play for that Spider you’ve always wanted.

Canada noseGiulia Spider 1600 10123*xxxxxx is in Canada with a starting bid of $18,999, no bids as of now. This is its second pass on the eBay carousel. There are a lot of poor quality pictures and not much information about the actual car at auction (simply described as ‘restored’) among the published model specifications. Stated to have 46,292 miles.

372601 noseGiulia Spider 1600 10123*372601 is in Colorado and currently at $11,100 with 24 bidders. This auction features 4 poor quality pictures and no relevant information about condition other than a statement that is a ‘daily driver’. Stated to have 91,000 miles.

374706 noseGiulia Spider 1600 10123*374706 is in Staten Island New York. The price is $6101.07 with 3 bids at time of writing and the car has a buy it now price of $14,500. Vague description is shouted out in all caps and provides a decent baseline for questions. This car has a lot of above average quality pictures.

canada rearGiulia Spider 1600 10123*xxxxxx. All the usual compliments apply here, good panel fit and trim, lusterous paint and an overall sense of balance. Note Euro (or perhaps Canadian) market amber lenses.

372601 rearGiulia Spider 1600 10123*372601. Trunk is slightly ajar or ill-fitting. Bumper, over-riders, trunk lock, tail lights etc all look good. Paint could use a good polish but looks okay. These are the original US market all red tail light lenses.

374706 backGiulia Spider 1600 10123*374706. This guy also has good panel and trim fit but that exhaust pipe looks overly long to my eyes. Remarkable how similar these three are.

canada interiorGiulia Spider 1600 10123*xxxxxx. Gauges don’t appear to be too yellowed. Original appearing upholstery, rubber mats and carpet look good. Even the steering wheel is in good shape.

372601 interiorGiulia Spider 1600 10123*372601. Interior here is a little tired. Gauges are earlier Giulietta style which I will assume are incorrect for this car, and are quite yellowed. I can’t tell if that hazy red between the seats is the remnants of carpet or what. Radio looks period correct and the steering wheel is nice.

374706 interiorGiulia Spider 1600 10123*374706. Interior here is incorrect, odd and tired. White seats and door panels are a little too Las Vegas for me but look to be in useable condition. Correct gauges are yellowed. Steering wheel has a wrap which usually hides a crack or three. Black carpet, white seats, red car? Send in the clowns…

canada engineGiulia Spider 1600 10123*xxxxxx. This guy has the right Pirelli rubber intake hoses and replacement blue windscreen washer bag. Green Cavis wires look good . Pretty good under the hood for a driver. Black underhood lining is weird.

372601 engineGiulia Spider 1600 10123*372601. Similar to above but more original. Wash bag is original as are intakle hoses and clamps. I think the unpolished radiator top is a better look. Note some overspray on the rubber hood stops. It’s been resprayed but looks to have started life red.

374706 engineGiulia Spider 1600 10123*374706. Original air cleaner set up is missing but at least it has one. 750 style bakelite cam cover nuts are not original but I like them. That top radiator hose looks positively HUGE. I don’t see any overspray – original paint?

This is like a beauty pageant, when you get right down to it they’re all good looking, and to carry the comparison further, they each have strengths and weaknesses that speak to the individual. For my part I think I would go for the car in New York if the paint is original, if not, probably the restored car. Of course there are caveats which could take the decision making process in many directions.

In any case, if you’re interested in any of these contact the seller and ask as many questions as you need to to be comfortable with what you are buying.

A similar project car.

Another similar car.

Another, better condition car.


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