TI tidy up 8: the Bosch distributor

Some days it’s all I can do to find 20 minutes to tackle some small job on whatever project I’m working on, much less take the time to write about it.  Yesterday afternoon I degreased, inspected and noted any parts needing replacement on the mechanical advance Bosch distributor that the TI is going to use.  I get asked a lot how I manage to get these projects done seemingly fairly quickly and I always say it’s not the few long days that gets it done but the countless 20 minute sessions where I tackle one small job.

dizzy mountedA quick test fit with the clamp in place of the newly spiffed up distributor.  Red Cavis wires are like new.  I’ll check the resistance through each wire to see if their all the same.

dissy sideThis is where I started.  Oily from years of doing its job in a less than perfectly sealed engine.  Note the spade connector for the condensor.  All the wires on this thing are spade connectors.  Very convenient.
IMG_8433The points look fine but the cap and rotor are both well used looking.  I’ll try and run it with them and if they work keep them in the trunk as spares, but before I get serious about driving with this engine they will be replaced.  I’ll probably replace the condensor and points while I’m in there since it’s easy to do and they are inexpensive.

All of 20 minutes and my distributor is clean enough to handle without gloves, it has been found to have no play in the shaft and I know the parts I need to order for the rebuild.  They were not on my original budget, but points, condensor, cap and rotor sets are fairly cheap.  Tonight I plan on cleaning up the water pump, starter and alternator and if I can buy a compression checking set from Sears I’ll verify the compression.  No sense installing an engine with a bum cylinder right?

TI tidy ten. (forgot nine. Sorry nine!)
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