Ti tidy 7: moving right along

The Giulia TI is coming along nicely. The greasy lump seen below showed up on Thursday afternoon. I had to give up the mid-seventies 1300 that came with the car but it was not the original engine so I wont lose sleep over the loss. All I have to do is remove the Spica intake parts, degrease it, do the head gasket and install a few parts appropriate to its new home and I’ll be on my way.

IMG_8412This fine unit started life in a 1973 Spider. One thing led to another and 36 years later it founds its way to me. Note the mechanical advance aluminum body distributor. Red wires are original Cavis made OEM items.

IMG_8415I’ll be happy if these markings tell the truth. 160 pounds across all four is good for a 2 liter in the prime of its life. Per the writing, I’ll be doing the headgasket to cure the oil leaks. Shame Alfa didn’t design a better system to seal the oil passage-ways between the block and head.

IMG_8413The intake valves look pretty good. The head gasket has been leaking oil excessively and for a long time. Note the vestigial engine number boss beside the engine mount.

IMG_8416Everything looks right in here, if a little oily. The plugs are original Golden Lodge’s. Do you have to do the cam timing when you do the head gasket? I assume so…

IMG_8414I couldn’t leave well enough alone so I spent a few minutes with the my degreaser of choice and exposed some engine case. Nice.

IMG_8418At first I thought I would do all the work to this engine with it on the floor but since I decided to power-wash it I mounted it on the roll around engine stand that Brian lent me ages ago. Power-washing ensued and here it is all spruced up. came out pretty good.

IMG_8419And the other side. Besides the head gasket I will be swapping the water pump and doing the front and rear seals as stated before. Fun.

IMG_8417Laurence of Berkeley had a cache of genuine Alfa gasket sets and he volunteered this set to help the cause – many thanks. All I need now is a rear main seal and the Viton o-rings everyone likes for the head to block oil-way sealing. What a great color combo in this picture!

IMG_8420And some more junk for the build. Starter, narrow blade fan, internally regulated alternator, Spica blank off plate, Valeo clutch, 105 twin carb manifold borrowed from Aaron, and some Giulia Super gauges to go with the dashes I got to put a good one together from.

Tomorrow the fun continues if all things go as planned. I don’t have the Viton o-rings so the head gasket can’t get done, but maybe I can scare some up.

I think I may be under budget ($724.49 spent) and ahead of schedule (5 hours spent). I’ll give a full report next post. Oh, and I have decided that a pair of side draft carbs is just the thing.

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2 thoughts on “Ti tidy 7: moving right along

  1. It seems to me like you are a magnet for Alfa parts! Whatever you need finds its way to you and sticks like glue! I’m enjoying the write up on a great freshen-up.

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