Market 117: Modified for serious fun Sprint

Giulietta Sprint 1493*21163. This car is available now on eBay and BringaTrailer out of Northern California. It has been modified to perform at an amazing level for track and event use, but retains it’s trim and charm. $35,000 is the price of entry.

1960_Alfa_Romeo_Giulietta_Sprint_Vintage_Race_Car_For_Sale_FrontI like the Panasports, I like the blacked out grills, the fit and finish are to a high standard. These Vitaloni mirrors are out of place but fill the holes and do the job nicely.

4ef0_1Real estate not included.

d399_1Panasports are purposeful and the suspension has been upgraded to deal with the extra grip. There is some sort of round badge at the lower corner of the rear window.

5e65_1These 70’s GTV seat work better than I would have thought. These are fairly heavy seats, but with a well done 2 liter under the hood, who cares. Speedo and Tach are race application new units but originals are included if the new owner wants to go back. Note modern steering wheel and gas pedal.

6bd6_1Kind of the coupe version of a simple Spider type roll bar. These give an excellent mounting point for seat belts. Headliner looks great, dome lights work. Door panels are unremarkable but the controls look good and the simplicity fits with the rest of the interior. A much more tasteful approach than many I’ve seen on modified Sprints.

1960_Alfa_Romeo_Giulietta_Sprint_Vintage_Race_Car_For_Sale_Engine_BayThis is all pretty serious stuff. Dual circuit brakes, remote oil filter, dual Weber’s and a probably unnecessarily efficient radiator given my experience with Alfa’s that seem never to heat up, even in extreme conditions.

The auction text:

“1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint.

Much loved but it’s time to let her go, as I just moved and no longer have a place to put her…


  • Rust free California car
  • Quality 501 Alfa red paint
  • Restored chrome and trim
  • Good glass front and rear


  • Modified 2.0L originally from 1970 GTV
  • Twin Weber Carbs with ITG Filter
  • External oil cooling and filtering, 2 quart Accusump
  • 10 gallon Fuel Safe cell with working fuel guage
  • Catch tanks
  • High power ignition
  • Side Exhaust with streetable Dynomax muffler
  • 10.4 to1 compression pistons and liners
  • Aluminum Flywheel, heavy duty clutch
  • very smooth 5 speed transmission


  • Front suspension has adjustable upper a arms and aluminum tie rods with Heim joints.
  • Rear suspension has adjustable trailing arms and a Panhard bar
  • Koni Shocks
  • Panasport Wheels
  • Street-spec Sumitomo tires
  • Dual circuit Tilton master cylinder assembly with brake balance adjuster bar
  • 115 series disc brakes with cross drilled rotors


  • 115 Series GTV Seats
  • Roll Bar
  • Sport wheel
  • Lightweight windows
  • German perlon carpet


  • Race-spec cam shafts
  • Original gauges
  • Factory suspension components
  • Poly bushings
  • Original interior side panels


  • Built for weekend club racing in early 1990’s
  • Mechanically restored and made street legal in 2000
  • Class C lap record at Willowsprings with a time of 1:40
  • Buttonwillow lap record with a time of 2:07
  • Won the Alfa Cup class C championship in 2003″

d49a_1Fuel cells always look sort of menacing. Would you throw your suitcase on top of it? Me neither. Nice to have though! Tail lights are Euro amber versions. Rear bumper looks fantastic. I have been meaning to make one of these trunk lid props for a while.

1960_Alfa_Romeo_Giulietta_Sprint_Vintage_Race_Car_For_Sale_SuspensionThat is a fat sway bar! This is all well engineered and set up to provide strength and a level adjust-ability that is lacking in the stock set-up.

Cars like this are hard to value. To build something like this takes major skill and patience or a steady check-writing hand connected to a deep bank account. If you have undertaken this sort of thing you know what I am talking about. This deserves to be a $35,000 car based on that. The tails on that coin though is that you have to find someone with a very similar vision when you go to sell your custom one-off hotrod. Not many guys want EXACTLY this so they are going to figure some changes into their budget when shopping.

My personal feeling? While I usually toot the horn of originality this would be spectacularly fun! I’ve had two 1750 powered Sprints and if you can keep the power on the ground and stop in a hurry you have the perfect vehicle. I have a feeling this will be exactly what someone is looking for and not be available for long.


A similar car. A more valuable series, not nearly so well set up.


2 thoughts on “Market 117: Modified for serious fun Sprint

  1. I am going to say $30,000. It takes a lot of money to make a decent setup and wel-performing stree/track car. Even if the next owner wants to change something, a lot of the good things are already present!

  2. This is Chris Mayring’s old car from AROSC time trials. Sort of a 101/115 hybrid. An extremely capable car; lots and lots of development went into this. The BW and WS track times are incredible for a 101 chassis short of a full race car.


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