TI Tidy 6 meets Sprint Surprises

Do you ever get the feeling that somehow the powers that be have conspired against us to take away free time and purify the cycle of sleeper/worker/consumer, gleaning the little joy that used to lubricate the cycle? Well, I’ve been busy like never before and thus I am writing a post at least two days after it was thought of.

weber dcd 28/36 on SprintThere it is, returned from professional care, the Weber 28/36 DCD mounted at last, and with the airbox to boot! Yes, it now idles when warm, yes it is faster.

IMG_8392It was hard not to paint or powdercoat the airbox, but it still has the faint sticker from when new so I didn’t have the heart to alter it. Yellow filter element is the latest new-fangled material.

So last Friday night I was exiting the freeway after a session of 75 – 80 mph cruising along with hasty commuter traffic for about 5 miles and the Sprint died immediately upon my exiting and letting off the gas pedal. I thought maybe I was out of gas but only managed to squeeze about 6 gallons in. This evening I went to fire it up and it fired up after three tries and tried its best to idle. I guess I have some sort of vapor lock issue. Good times! I’ll be fooling around with it cautiously over the next week.

Aside from my woes with the Sprint I got a few things accomplished on the TI including the following.

IMG_8395So the engine compartment is now all painted and the masking tape removed. Looks pretty sweet! This car is only about a half a million tasks away from hauling my butt around.

IMG_8393There was duct tape residue on this badge, but an IPA wipe down I brought it back to somewhat health. The texture of the bedliner paint can be clearly seen. Someday I’ll regret its application but for now I am pleased.

IMG_8396When this car was unloaded from the enclosed trailer and began its service to me it had these mud flaps. They never bothered me much, but like the Vitaloni baby turbo mirrors, always garnered negative comments.

IMG_8397Mounting was straight forward but like everything else, the screw heads were covered by undercoating so I had to toil for a while to remove them, but remove them I did.

IMG_8398Looking even more like an old car without the mudflaps, the TI awaits an engine transplant.

IMG_8399Apparently it was too much work to remove any of the lights as part of the paint prep, or even to mask them off, so I decided to take them all apart and remove the overspray. Is it still over-spray if it was on purpose?

IMG_8400Here is the lightless TI. The headlight buckets seem to be glued into place and I have yet to remove them. Plan is to sand blast and paint them as part of the project. We’ll see. If the engine turns up before I remove them they may stay in this condition.

IMG_8401Here are the removed lights in all their glory. Rust, over-spray and stripped out screws can’t stop me now.

There you have a brief synopsis of my last few days. My heart has been with these projects, but alas my body has been summoned to other tasks. Aaron gave me a ready for action exhaust that waits for the rest of the drive-train, and a large order from my local used Alfa parts supplier is due to be delivered, maybe as early as Thursday, so look for more excited action soon!

I plan on exercising the Sprint tomorrow and expect inconclusive results regarding the vapor lock or whatever. Perhaps the pair of side drafts reserved for the SS are not such a bad addition to the Sprint.

Did I mention I sold the Berlina? I did, to the first looker who drove it. I already miss it.


One thought on “TI Tidy 6 meets Sprint Surprises

  1. Double check the fuel filter, I have experienced the same thing. In my case it looked fine, but would plug up occasionally. Cheapest and easiest thing to change at this point.


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