Market 115: Gran Sport Quattroroute Zagato 4R

Update 5/26/09:  Sold for $53,000!  I can’t say if this was well bought or sold, but obviously someone wanted it at this price.

Gran Sport Quattroruote Zagato 4R 10123*393050, 00112*16491. This car is available right now on eBay and Anamera. I’ve never seen one in person that I can recall so I’m not sure how these pictures will translate into a large physical object , but it looks pretty cool in a pipe-smoking, tweed-wearing sort of way. The seller sums up the story of this odd Giulia cousin so I’ll spare you a rehash.

7737_12Kind of like Buck Rogers or any other long term sleeper, this staid gentleman finds itself out of place in the period dress of his time but youthful with the latest under its vintage inspired skin.

!BR057dQ!Wk~$(KGrHgoOKjgEjlLmYUWJBK!ELbuokg~~_12Good color combo. Everything looks well cared for and, well, right. I am (forgive me) reminded of one of the myriad VW based oldie-timey kit cars which is a shame, but I think it is because the of the diameter of the wheels. Imagine if this had 16″ wheels or greater! Would have risen above.

Verbatim auction text: “This rare Alfa Romeo is one of 92 built by Carrozeria Zagato. These cars were commissioned by Quattroruote magazine as a reproduction of the Zagato-bodied 6C-1750 of the thirties. They were constructed using the 101 series Giulia suspension and drive train. This car still wears its original Rosso Palermo paint, which shows beautifully but does have the minor chips and scratches expected of 42 year old paint. The fenders were painted black at some point after the car left the factory. The interior is original, with the exception of the driver’s foot well carpeting and the cockpit padding. The engine has been rebuilt with new rings, bearings, seals, water pump etc, as a consequence of sitting idle for many years. The transmission and rear axle have had all seals replaced and a new clutch has been installed. The three-shoe finned aluminum drum brakes have been rebuilt. The car has new Koni shocks and new 155/15 tires. The only non-original item on the car is the Weber carb and air filter, however the original Solex carb and air filter assembly (see the last photo) come with the car (the car idles and performs much better with the Weber). The Borrani wire wheels have the octagonal center nuts, as the eared knockoffs were illegal in the US. I believe the car’s mileage is correct, however as with any forty two year old vehicle there can be no guaranty. I have been able to trace the car’s history back to 1979 in Ohio. There is no top with the car. The car has been sorted with several outings of 30 to 120 miles and is exhilarating to drive. All lights and gauges work with the exception of the fuel gauge ( I suspect a faulty sender). An original brochure, factory press photos and assorted other literature come with the car. This vehicle is sold as is with no warranty.”

4589db2ef5I think I would keep the wiper arms in the trunk. Fit and finish is superlative and shows that Zagato never let their guard down, even on the odd commission.

be61c7697fBlack, logically layed out, spartan. Looks positively British circa 1952 from this angle, unless you count Morgan then just about any period of production.

c48c7413efI see stuff I’ve seen before. Had I designed this car I would have made them cast wildly finned manifolds and used the bakelite valve cover bolts. Again, very well cared for, almost as new.

bc1c9d6b53Single down draft… I don’t see how they could have done other. Look at the tapered alignment of the louvers. Awesome.

7111020d13Period Bosch(?) horns, gaiters on the steering links , and of course, Koni reds.

f5dba200f3I wonder what the 4R is for? Not on this badge, but part of the name. Might have violated an International treaty regarding the length of an automobile model name if it was included here.

Not really my cup but a neat, unusual variant of the familiar Giulia Spider. With production a low 92, I can’t see there being many of these changing hand very often, but it does take a particular person to want one, so maybe they do pop up. I’ll keep an eye out.

$55K? Sure, why not.


2 thoughts on “Market 115: Gran Sport Quattroroute Zagato 4R

  1. Matt-

    Quattroruote (four wheels) is an Italian Car Magazine, very good I might add, I used to subscribe to it years ago in the 80’s. The mag. was instrumental in the production of this car. I don’t recall exactly how.


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