TI Tidy-up part 5: The plan.

Now that I have successfully completed the Sprint engine rebuild I think I will try again to plan a project. I will lay out here the specification, schedule and budget to reach my desired outcome for the TI tidy-up. At the end you will find my nice to have’s and dream to have’s.

What do I want from the TI? The same thing functionally as the Berlina provided, a safe, fun, reliable daily driver. This time though, I want it to be presentable and plan on taking it on some weekend rallys and tours. Of course I want all this as inexpensively as possible and as soon as possible.

alfablue4This picture borrowed from the AlfaBB shows the original color of my TI and the original 15″ wheels I hope to find a set of. Anyone?

What are the specifications I’m working toward?

  • 2 liter engine
  • Single downdraft carb
  • Decent late transmission
  • All electrical working
  • Safe brake system
  • Original 15″ wheels
  • Period radio for Commute listening
  • Shoulder seat belts

I already found a good used 2 liter engine and ‘most likely’ rebuilt transmission (I’m willing to take a chance). I have a 105 single down draft manifold already but still need a carb, I’m thinking a Weber DGV or another DCD, this time probably a 36/36. Before I put the 2 liter in I plan on doing the head gasket, oil passage o-rings and front and rear main seals. I have a nearly new clutch I am going to use but I plan on rebuilding the hydraulic cylinders (did I mention the car is already converted
to hydraulic clutch?) and replacing the flexible hydraulic line. Before I install the freshened up drivetrain I will replace the brake flexible lines, inspect all hard lines and hook up the booster. I will also do all the electrical system checks and rewiring.

How long will all this take? I am thinking about 30 hours. How much will it all cost? I am thinking $1200. $1200 you ask? It goes like this:

  • Engine and trans with cores traded in: $600.
  • Engine fresh-up parts: $150.
  • Hydraulic system parts: $50.
  • Carb: $100.
  • Wheels: $100.
  • Battery: $50.
  • Seat Belts: $50.
  • Radio: $100.
  • Maybe I should add $200 for ‘stuff’

bluetteposs2This is the interior that goes with the Bluette paint. Well, not the right hand drive, but you get the idea. I doubt I will find a set of these door panels, but they are on my dream-to-have list.

bluetteposs3This is what it would have been like if I had a big budget to work with while doing cosmetics. Engine compartment here looks fabulous.

giulia1300tiI have these tail lights and I think this bumper. Another car with the Bluette. I will need a “GIULIA 2000 TI” badge.

alfa20260020paint20swatches202815020dpi20-20medium29Here’s a scanned page from the color catalog I also borrowed from the AlfaBB.

So, my nice-to-have’s:

  • New Carpet
  • Redone seats in red as seen above
  • TI or Super dash in miles.


  • Paint!
  • Correct TI bumpers
  • Correct red/gray TI door panels.

There you have it, the plan. Wish me luck. Stay tuned for the next somewhat above averagely exciting episode.

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1 thought on “TI Tidy-up part 5: The plan.

  1. Matt-

    Talk to Jim Silva at San Leandro Auto Upholstery, he has the direct source now for the original wool carpeting. Also, I still have that Becker radio if you’re interested


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