Market 114: Giulietta Sprint Veloce?

Giulietta Sprint 750 1493*08625, Engine 13156*32468.  This car is in Canada and advertised for sale on Anamera.  I had the pleasure of answering a bunch of questions about this car last year when it was for sale in Autoweek out of the South East (Georgia?) for I think it was $29,000.  Well, the car has gotten around as these cars do and now it is as seen here.    The $30,000 question is: Is it a Veloce?

2aeb7c52ccSo far so good.  A very well done car with much attention to detail spent.  Someone in the market for a nice one would be asking for more pictures and information.

b4cc763af2Appears to have Borrani steels considered obligatory on Veloce models.  Again, panels fit and attention to detail is superb.

40f41f53e2Strike one, no ridge in the trunk for the oversize gastank breather that all Sprint Veloce’s have.  A quick look under the car will confirm this and I bet it doesn’t have the Veloce E-brake set-up either.  Other than that, an exemplary trunk!  I’m surprised they didn’t spring for stock the prop and spring trunk lid holder.

e664190079Spider underhood lining is forgivable, since Sprint item is hard to get in the US.  Veloce intake is in good shape and appears correct other than the manifold being incorrect, should be the tapered top-tube sort.  Also should have headers rather than 2 piece cast exhaust manifold.

fb8eacea05Interior, although not an original combo, looks very comfy and inviting.  Red with tan is the sort of  thing you expect from an Italian sports car right?

c8b5d8fe19I’ll call this one strike even though it should really be two: the tach redline should be higher (?) and the red triangle doesn’t doesn’t look right (?), and there is a choke knob, which may or may not be correct at this point in Veloce production.   Also the patina on the tach is different than the other two gauges, the ring is not as yellowed.

19103Here’s an original Tach in a Veloce of the same period that sold at Fantasy Junction a few years ago, that has the choke knob.  I wonder when the choke blank off button went away?

477cbce014Good looking, and no mistake, but these badges are not hard to get.

e104771ab9Repro build plate, affixed by the wrong style of screws with the wrong stamp font used identifying it as a Veloce.  Strike three?  Not necessarily, but I would want to see the ‘E’.

In my non-expert and usually humble opinion,  this is not a Veloce.  I looked in d’Amico and Tabucchi who are very thorough in their listing of Veloce’s and this car is not included.  I asked the seller to send me a picture of the underside Veloce features and the ‘E’ but got no response.  I have correspondance from the seller from when it was in Autoweek if anyone is interested.

If the engine is really a 1315*3xxxx series Veloce engine that is well rebuilt with the right internals and this car functions as good as it looks I can see it going for $30K or more, but to spend Veloce money ($50K plus) on it, ship it home and find out it’s not would probably result in some legal headaches for both the buyer and seller. 

Nice car that is hopefully being misrepresented out of a lack of knowledge rather than an attempt to dupe a prospective buyer.


If it’s a Veloce.

If it’s a Normale.


6 thoughts on “Market 114: Giulietta Sprint Veloce?

  1. Hmm … if it’s a Normale with a “real” Veloce engine and badges (but none of the other tell-tale signs of a genuine Veloce) … I wonder if the price should be a bit higher than a straight Normale (due to the faster engine) or perhaps a bit lower (not as original)?

    Anyway, as long as the buyer knows exactly what he/she is buying. IMHO there’s nothing “wrong” with a Normale with a Veloce engine if the seller was honest about it. Thanks for pointing out the reasons for your doubt.

    I have to say I really like the look of the tan leather interior with the red paint — even though that is not an original combination.

    Keep up the postings and happy anniversary!

    — Per

  2. Thanks Per. I thought it would take longer for repeats to show up but here we are.

    I personally think a Normale with a Veloce engine is worth more than a normal Normale, but then, at the high end of the spectrum it’s hard to say.


  3. Speaking of original colors: is there any way to find out what the original color was for a given Giulietta, given the serial number? Perhaps from the Alfa Romeo factory files or something similar to the Certificate of Authenticity that Porsche can print out for their older cars (356s)?

    Even more basic question: what were the original exterior/interior color combos for Sprints? Were there any cars made in custom-order colors?


  4. Alfa should be able to supply original interior/exterior colors based on serial number. d’Amico and Tabucchi lists color combo’s by year. A future series of posts will have colors by year by model with examples, but that’s a lot of work!

    My understanding is you could get a car from Alfa painted whatever color you wanted if you were willing to pay and wait.

  5. Hello Matt,

    Great description of the “Veloce” Model. In order to accurately asses the vehicle in question there should be some additional questions: Has the car trunk floor ever been replaced? If the answer is yes, it is a possibility that it was replaced with an incorrect floor. Thus, not fitted with the overflow tube going from the front to the rear of the gas tank. Maybe the entire trunk and gas tank was replaced at some point. If the car still has the original wire harness, it should include an electrical fuel pump wire. The rear brake cable should have an U shape set up, not provided on the Normales. The car should not have a windshield washer bag pinched between the air canister and the fire wall, but it should rather have a Tudor bottle. I have the impression that this one is not a real Veloce. I do own the very last Sprint Veloce 06611 and it is a first series example and not a second series Sprint. Is it worth more money due to the Veloce components? Absolutely yes. When you factor the cost of a real nice example at $30,000 plus and then ad in the veloce components add another $10M plus you will easily find yourself with a $40M to $45M easy. I am currently in the process of trying to complete a 64 Sprint Normale with Veloce conversion with the intention to drive to Portland Convention and to be honest, I would not even consider anything below $45M. More importantly, good taste, and attention to details will dictate future values for the nicest examples.

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