TI Tidy-up part 4: steady progress

As I get older I find myself and my expectations changing to adapt to the realization that there is a limit to what can be accomplished with the resources and time on hand, and frankly in most cases good enough really is good enough. For example the engine compartment on the TI. I could go over the top with prep and paint and the like, but considering how marginal the rest of the car is I don’t know that it makes any sense. In this spirit I decided to paint it black with truck bed-liner paint. My rationalizations? It would be tough, look good and mimic the finish of early Giulietta’s. If it was good enough for a Conrero prepared lightweight, it’s good enough for my VERY incorrect TI.

img_8385If I was a real hillbilly I would have managed to get over-spray all over the tail lights, windows and INSIDE the glove box. Phew, passed that test! C’mon, admit it, looks like it could work.

img_8386Pretty cool how dramatic even so lowly an upgrade as $8.99 truck bedliner sprayed in an engine compartment can be. I walked away newly inspired to get this thing on the road and looking good. Heck, I’m contemplating a Miracle paint job if the Berlina sells! This car, believe it or not was originally one of the BEST Alfa colors EVER. Sorry, enjoying the irritating use of caps tonight.

Today, right now, I have proof that I am an optimist. On my list-to-self version of the almighty Honey-do list was the following:

  • Buy supplies: Pickle fork for SMALL tie rod ends, inexpensive truck bed-liner (black), replacement headlight bulb plugs, metric thread file (check besides thread file)
  • Mask off brakelines & wires and paint engine compartment with truck bed liner (98% check)
  • Clean up threads and hook up tie rod end on TI passenger side, idler (deferred)
  • Break center steering link free on TI for when engine/trans goes in(deferred)
  • Sandblast and paint headlight buckets, clean up securing ring screw, solder replacement headlight bulb plugs (later…)
  • Check if 1300 from TI has 6 or 8 bolt flywheel (check, 8 bolt)
  • replace center steering link on Giulietta Spider so it’s easier to move (50%, got old one off)
  • look for ignition switch with key for TI I think I have for some reason (ummm, no, not yet.)

I had two hours and got half of these done, even after eating half an Al Pastor burrito, fielding two phone-calls about the Berlina and chatting with Andrew for about 15 minutes when he stopped by to donate a steering column shroud to the TI effort and borrow the crappy Solex I ran for the first few hundred miles on the Sprint (more on that later) to try and get his Giulietta Berlina to start.

img_8387The thing about a pickle fork and tie rod ends is you have to beat on it with a hammer to break the taper free. This is admittedly the wrong tool for the job, but still funny to see broken. I may be guilty of joking about the warranty on hammers…

img_8388What happens when you use the center steering link on a Giulietta to drag the car against it’s will? This. Old one is (obviously) on the left.

So what ‘s next you ask now that you have caught a glimpse of my red cape after this flurry of TI activity with peripheral Spider work? Well, not much since the rest of my free-time this week is full, but I promise not to disappoint when I get back to it. Plans my friends, big plans. Oh, and the offer of a Super dash to buy would be most welcome!

Will someone put their Giulietta on eBay so I have something to write about other than my toils? Thanks.


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