I guess this is TI tidy-up part 3

I couldn’t sleep last night. I worked hard on the TI Sunday until 8pm and got inspired to fix it up and then when I tried to go to sleep I kept thinking about what I needed to do to put it together. Well, after dragging my tired, I-only-got-2-hours-of-sleep butt around the office I simply had to stop off at the shop on my way home to do at least a little something to the TI since I spent all night trying to get it out of my head.
TI 1300 coming outThe shop engine hoist came back from a service call so I put it to work and pulled the engine out while no one was looking.  PO had 1 nut holding the engine in.

TI getting a washThere were some shop mates about so I rolled the car out onto the car wash slope and set to.  Tomorrow I buy some black bed liner and get rid of the gray in the engine compartment.  I sanded it with wet or dry 120 so it should come out okay.

TI engine compartmentThe wires and all look pretty scary, but if you trace them one at a time, fixing them up goes pretty quick.  That light spot on the fender is missing paint.  One of the tie rod ends was loose and the steering box was loose.  Once I tightened it all up it was easy to push around.  I didn’t find any stress cracks in the front suspension mount sheetmetal which is rare.

img_8379Is the drivers side the starboard side?  Not sure.  Note the exquisite key scratch that manages to go over the fuel door.  Awesome.  That dent below it happened while I had this thing up for sale.  Do I pull the fuel tank and pop it out.  I’ll flip a coin.

img_8380 The best looking rear end of a car ever?  Quite possibly.  We bought that Italia sticker in Rome on our Honeymoon.  I know… how romantic.

img_8381Looking better, much much better.  I think I will get some touch up paint for the areas the PO ground off.  Looks good no?

img_8382There was at least 5 different colors of overspray on this poor car so I gave it a 1500 grit go-over along with the washing.  Once I touch the paint up I can wet sand again then polish.  I can’t wait!

img_8383Look at how nice the windshield is.  This is a hard to find piece of glass in good shape unless you want to spend a lot of money.

Tomorrow I plan on painting the engine compartment black and further sorting out the dash wiring to all the switches.  Is there somewhere I can order an ignition key by the code?

Thanks for stopping in.  If you have any of the following for this car let me know: steering column shrouds, brake fluid reservior, hood prop, used carpet set, or airbox.  Trying to get it as together as possible.

Up next, deciding what to do about the drive train.  Two liter from APE?  Everything as is?  An unknown transmission or a known bad transmission?  I’ll flip a coin.

I’m starting to like this car again.


2 thoughts on “I guess this is TI tidy-up part 3

  1. Dear Matt,
    I may have some of the right stuff free for you…
    My new years’ resolution is to divest myself of stuff!

  2. Try the key shop on Park Ave – they’ve helped me out with a number of semi-obscure key jobs. Yank the ignition switch and bring it with you.

    As for the carpet, how about one of those rubber mats from Italy instead?

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