Another busy Weekend, Berlina Tour and TI tidy-up

I guess the reason time goes by faster when you get older is you find more stuff to fill it. This weekend was another blur of activity starting with pulling the FIAT engine on saturday morning, the subject of my last post. Sunday I joined Andrew and the ARA for the Berlina Tour on rain-soaked roads in the East Bay hills. Click here to see my photo set from the drive.
aaron in the mistThe morning started out a little rough, fortunately the Berlina’s unreliable wipers behaved. For that matter the tired solenoid did too. Aaron is seen here on 580 braving the May showers.

Wallys Burger hop Alfa stopParticipants included a Green 2 liter Berlina, the Supers seen here, a pair of black Milano’s, an Alfetta GTV, a step-nose GT, a Mad-max style GTV, A very clean 86 Spider, an Alfetta Sport Sedan, a BMW 2002 and a 59 Giulietta Sprint serial number 20360 (mine is 20379).

After an oversized western burger, complete with bacon, cheese, onion rings (on the burger) and two patties, I drowsily navigated the roads from Tracy to Livermore where I peeled off and headed home for a nap.

After a brief nap I headed to the garage to do some rearranging and ended up tearing into the TI. I put it up for sale two weeks ago, having decided that I should focus on the SS and my newly acquired Spider. The poor thing looked so bad in the pictures I can see why I got few call backs. I had two choices, put it on eBay as is and hope for the best, or put it back together and try again to sell it. I guess I’m doing the latter.

I tore out all the carpet and started trying to remove the undercoating the previous owner spread liberally over the whole of the floor pan. I saw surprised to find the floor pan quite solid after having assumed the undercoating was there to hide rust. After scraping a pound or two off I gave up and decided to start sorting out the wires. Most of the mess was stereo wires and once they were cut out of the mix the job became manageable. I still need to wire up three toggle switches and the ignition switch, but it looks a lot better.

img_8371The light blue you see here is a shower curtain that was spread over the excessive undercoating. The little bit of rust seen here where the rear plug is turned out to be all surface.

img_8370More of the same. Here I am trying to find the holes for the center seat track. This car had red seats out of an 80’s Volvo in it back when I first got it.

img_8372Not the most beautiful seats ever, but it is starting to look like a car again. I still need to mount the center track, I just need to figure out if it needs sheet metal screws or ?

Once the seats were more or less in I decided to mount the dash. I dug all the pieces out of the trunk and wiped it down. Before installing it I organized the wires into two groups, those that plugged into the gauges and those that plugged in to the toggles and ignition.

img_8374This definitely looks better. I was amazed at how easy it was to get the dash bolted into place.

img_8376The gauges mount by 4 studs at the corners and the wires to the gauges are all on plugs so it was easy to put this all together. I spent more time trying to find suitable bolts to mount the steering column than mounting the dash. That nest of wires is the last of it.

img_8375After the dash was mounted I gave the windows a thorough cleaning and mounted the headlights and grill. The headlight plugs were missing and the wires were in bad shape so I need to go back in and wire up some plugs, but I wanted to see it back together.

Wow! Four hours and I think this car looks way better. I plan on pulling the engine out tomorrow and painting the engine compartment black then sorting out all the wires in the engine bay along with the relays and brake booster. Who knows, if I have all the parts this thing may be on the road before long since I know the engine works and the trans, despite a worn out second gear synchro is functional. Stay tuned!


1 thought on “Another busy Weekend, Berlina Tour and TI tidy-up

  1. Thanks for taking that pic. I have a new favorite photo of my Super. In black and white it could almost be from some Alfa ad in th 60s.

    Glad to see the TI coming together too. Maybe if it’s a running driving car you’ll be less inclined to sell it at all….

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