Market 113: Spider 10103*171443. Nice!

Update 5/13/09: $31,100 with 18 bidders was the result of the auction.  I told you this was a nice car.  Hopefully it finds a caring new home.

Giulietta Spider 10103*171443, 00102*28914 (now 00536*21681). This Spider is available now on eBay out of North Carolina. This is the rare Spider that has been allowed to be a nice old car. Sure there is an alluring shine on the red-because-I-was-made-that-way rather than resale-red paint. Admitted, the fog and headlights are wide of the mark and probably more was spent than an honest stone-chipped set of correct Carellos would have cost, but the overall feel of the car is that of a car appreciated and enjoyed by an owner who knows how special what they have is and took good care of it.

Spider 171443 noseLooking pretty good. There is an admirable shine on the hood, the trim is present and well fitted. Fog lights do look good in this position. Do all Spiders have windshield wipers that park in this position?

spider 171443 backTop looks new. All the usual praise of the back end is warranted, though I will emphasize the quality of door fit here, which is very good. Minus one for the Ansa exhaust tip.

spider 171443 all dashThis really is a nice interior. I’d leave it just as it is.

spider 171443 drivers dashDoor panels and carpet are well worn looking here from what can be seen. That brake pedal is out farther than they usually look, or is it that the clutch is in farther? Gauge yellowing is acceptable.

Spider 171443 interiorSeats look great. I don’t usually like the red piping, but it works here because the bead is so small. Red seatbelts? Okay… just this once. Look at that door jamb. It’s areas like the sills and door jambs that give clues about how good a car really is.

spider 171443 engineI’m not going to get all winded testifying about the quality under here, but it is purposeful and tidy if not correct. The trade-offs to fit a later 1600 in these cars are mostly airbox related and I don’t see one here at all! Red steering shaft? Sorry, minus 3 points.

spider 171443 undersideA little glimpse of what appears to be a solid, rust-free underside. Transmission tail housing is clean, drive shaft has a good coat of black paint. I am going to assume that yellow wire goes to an electric fuel pump.

I am writing this pretty late in the auction and at this moment it has 12 bids and one would have to do better than $22,500 to get in on the action. Not a bad result if it ended today. I should mention the car appears to come with its original engine, not worth a whole lot as a stand alone, but worth at least $1000 beyond the value of the car if kept with the car, and the buyer has an option on 1315*32914 complete with Webers. If it was me, I’d get both these extra engines and build the original to Veloce Spec then sell off the Veloce block with all of it’s inseparables (bearing caps, front cover) and anything not needed (tee worse of the cranks, heads etc).


A worse Car?.

A similar car?.

A better car?.


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