Happy Birthday to Giuliettas.com!

It’s been a year since I started giuliettas dot com and while I’ve entertained a few milestones along the way (100 posts, 200 posts etc) , I think  this one is pretty big for me.  If you told me I was going to accomplish the things I’ve accomplished over the last year I probably wouldn’t have believed you, so I’ll start with the numbers.

  • This is my 224th post meaning I’ve posted on average 4.25 times per week.
  • My posts average 1000 words, so I’ve written about 224,000 words; 1/3 of ‘War and Peace’ or a little more than the New Testament.
  • 112 Market reports have been written covering 115 cars, not counting repeat sales or attempts at sales.
  • On March 24th, I had 605 page views, my most ever and about double my 2009 average of 308.  2008 average was 197, not bad for starting from zero!
  • If you are reading this on 4/30/09 you are a page view between 85,500 and 86,000 total.
  • I have identified 97 Sprint Speciales as existing, 4 as scrapped (but who knows what the future holds).
  • My register has grown to include 512 cars, not including reference cars. 

truck-close-upI wanted to see what my Sprint would look like with the Zagato Lownose treatment.

sprint-in-truckSo I got behind a truck and took a picture.

Among the other milestones are the following.

2Let’s not forget the memorable posts featuring the ladies of automobile marketing!

sport10I found this on the internet, perhaps a good direction to take the Spider.

There you have it, one year old and no candles to blow out, no presents to open, just the satisfaction of having done something far above and beyond what I set out to do.  Look for T-Shirts and Stickers in the coming months to help support my efforts and a lot more efforts.  Thanks for reading and as always, comments are highly appreciated!


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Giuliettas.com!

  1. Happy B-day Matt!! Congratulations on the year and best wishes for more to come. I truly enjoy your site.


  2. Congratulations Matt,
    Its a joy to read your blog and keeps me enthousiastic on my project as well.
    Don’t know you you keep being so productive, behind the keyboard as well as in the shop.
    As Henry Ford raised his hat for Alfa Romeo’s I raise mine for you.


  3. well done,
    intelligent’informative,never boring
    as essential as my daily espresso,the giulietta fleet increases.thanks


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