Market 112: 2 Spider projects a Veloce project in Italy and a Normale project in Australia

Update 5/13/09: No bids either car.  Oh well…

Giulietta Spider 750F 1495*07515, 1315*31998. This car is available right now on Italian eBay with an opening bid of €14,000 ($18,300 at time of writing). The Telaio number dates it as a 1959 so the vent windows are most likely correct and it may be a short wheel base car (passo corto). I’m still trying to work out when the vent windows came into production. I think they were always available as an accessory.

This car is rough looking but fairly straight and comes with a lot of the hard to find parts. Amazing that these cars keep turning up!

bqycswcgkkgrhgoh-cwejlllghbj65gho4g_1Doesn’t look much better or worse than my Spider but has the magic ‘F’ of the Veloce stamped on it and a Veloce Series engine.

bqyctjq2kkgrhgoh-c4ejlllzvvhbj65keutq_1That one wheel looks nice and shiney, probably courtesy of the almighty rattle-can. I don’t see any major rot in the sills and the front doesn’t seem to have been bumped much.

adc3_1Looks very good from this side too. The missing sill trims are pictured later on the hood of an early Triumph TR.

b2ff_1Back looks like it has a lot of surface rust. These cars rust in the trunk under the best of circumstances so I would want to see a couple of good pictures of the trunk before I dive in.

bqychbwkkgrhgookjiejllmwtgbj655rimq_1The Telaio. There should be an ‘F’ stamped just below the grommet bracket screw on the right. I see air-box strap bolts.

bqycsgbgkkgrhgookicejllmzbtbj658nweq_1More numbers. Alfa archives should be able to tell if this is the original engine. Note bent front cover stud. Hopefully all the matching bearing caps and front cover are present or the new owner is in for a big machining bill!

bqycwfqwkkgrhgookioejllmen7ibj650bpfw_1Lets see… Connecting rods, bearing caps, Lucas distributor (add a Marelli unit to your grocery list), sill trims, headlight rings, door handles, piston liners and more. Look over this carefully and ask questions if this is the car for you.

This Veloce is not a bad buy at this price considering it is not rotten and seems to come with most of the parts, although the condition of those parts is in most cases probably poor. I’m not sure if the price on the auction is THE price or not since Italian eBay is hard to understand, but I would think anything under $20K US would be a reasonable buy.

Veloce Comps:

Much better car.

Better car.

There is only one picture of this guy so I’m tacking it on the end here.

Giulietta Spider 750D1495*03676, 1315*43457. This charmer is available out of Australia on eBay for about $10,000. The Telaio number puts this car in early 1958 production. If the description is accurate this looks like a pretty good deal. In one of the questions the seller states that the car was a running driving car when it came apart so it may not be too hard to get this car back there after a good coat of paint and some chrome.

Spider 149503676This looks very straight and clean. The trim fits well as does the one door that can be seen. Is that an English Wheel in the baclground?

Auction description: “Much work completed including ,[all the hard work is done] body work ready for paint shop,excellent straight panels ,rust proofed exterior panels hand metal finished ,internal has been sand blasted and under coated.Rear end rebuilt ,front suspension rebuilt ready for assembly,brakes reconditioned ready to assemble.All extenal trims ,stripped and ready for chrome. New grille.Engine and trans mision to be rebuilt.Interior and trim ect need restoration but complete with hood,seats instuments .
Car is workshop project and is available as is or finished to any stage at additional cost. Reserve is realistic for this rare car and is well below actual costs so far.”

Probably a good buy in Australia where these cars seem to be fairly scarce.

Normale Comps:

Worse car.
Similar, but not quite as good car.
Better car.


1 thought on “Market 112: 2 Spider projects a Veloce project in Italy and a Normale project in Australia

  1. That Australian spider actually looks really cool just the way it is. Suspended in air, no wheels or windshield… put George Jetson in it and a plastic dome over the passenger compartment and you have a hovercar.

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