Weekend fun: Pixar’s ‘ Up ‘ movie premier, Snowball rally and California Mille send-offs

To help meet the requirement that I take 5 days off work this quarter I took Friday off which allowed me to run some weekday errands. As it was my weekend was planned with the precision of the gold heist in ‘The Italian Job’, so this extra day was welcome. Datebook entries for the weekend included The Snowball Rally send off, a Saturday class (part of a Masters Program I am going through), the Pixar Company premier of ‘UP’ at the Broadway Theatre in Oakland with an after party at the newly renovated FOX theatre and then Sunday morning a visit to The Fairmont in San Francisco to have a look at this years California Mille entries.

I started out early Friday to meet up with Larry to rummage his crates of 750/101 series Alfa parts for bits I needed for the SS and Spider and to pick up what might be the most difficult to find 101 Veloce part: the tapered top tube 00120/00106 type DCOE intake manifold. More on the parts run later in the week.

mrs-and-spidersThe Mrs. poses with Spider’s Veloce in front of the Fairmont Hotel on Nob Hill. I saw 4 black, 2 red, one silver and one white Giulietta Spider, not to mention a Sprint Veloce Confortevole and a Sprint 750B.

bringatrailer-356-tooRandy of Bringatrailer.com fame kicks up a trail of dust at The Snowball rally kick-off. From what I hear good times were had.

The Snowball rally starts in the parking lot of the Sausalito Yacht club, as picturesque as possible under the north-east corner of the Golden Gate bridge. Seeing a bunch of my friends applying rally stickers and doing other last minute adjustments to their cars in anticipation of the three days of hard driving they were about to embark on made me want to skip the rest of the weekends plans and go for it. Cooler heads prevailed (the Mrs. having worked for 2+ years on ‘Up’ and 6 months on ‘Partly Cloudy’ the short before it meant it was an absolute must attend) and we headed back to the east bay for a barbecue with some friends who just returned from Mexico, more on my day off sick later.

shoog-an-dlady-shoogThe Shoog and Lady Shoog aka Goosebumps at the drivers meeting.

I think ‘Up’ may be my favorite Pixar movie yet. It is an existential, emotional piece dealing with loss and the baggage we attach ourselves to in an effort to define ourselves and our place in the world. All of this depth is hung on the frame of an unexpected (and fun) action adventure story. Every character, every relationship, every situation is an analogy to the philosophical explorations and mutations we experience as we grow up and grow old, and our changing perception of what it means to be alive and the things we give value to, and how that value is manifest and changes. Don’t miss it.

Okay, back to the regularly scheduled program…

The California Mille is to events like the Snowball and Motherlode what Ferrari is to Alfa or Porsche. They are both fun driving events, but one is a little more exclusive due to the limited pool of cars eligible and the high cost of entry. Having never done the Mille personally I can’t say if the extra $2500 is worth the expense, but I’d sure love the chance to chase some of the cars I saw at the entrants show on the backroads. Maybe if my blog readership grows I can get a comp or at least a discount from Martin Swig to cover it. Not likely!

david-swig-mille-cento-and-mrsDavid Swig poses with the Mrs. in front of the Swig’ Fiat Millecento, very clean original example.

oscaThis OSCA is a neat coupe, reminging me of a smallish DB2/4 Aston. Engine is Maserati unit. A sister car convertible can be seen in the event photos.

talbotIt is becoming a tradition that my new favorite car is one seen at the Cal Mille pre-grid show and shine. This year is no exception. This Talbot can hang out in my garage anytime.

There you have it, my busy fun weekend. I spared you the deatils of a 6 hour class in Systems Engineering and the cold/flu I came down with on Sunday, hopefully not related to my friends return from Mexico. I also managed a little organizational work Monday on the Spider (who wants to lay around sick all day anyway?) and did some reading out of a batch of Giuliettaletta back issues I scored. Hopefully I will feel well enough and have the time to pull the engine out of the Fiat and get it fixed so I can stop feeling guilty about not working on it.


1 thought on “Weekend fun: Pixar’s ‘ Up ‘ movie premier, Snowball rally and California Mille send-offs

  1. Matt, missed you and Steph on the Snowball, but she looks damned good posing between two black Alfas, so you clearly didn’t totally waste your weekend.

    Hope you’re over your bug and that I’ll see you on the road soon.

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