Market #91: Early Spider Veloce project

Update 5/2: This car ended at $22,224 with an amazing 42 bids.  This seems a little low for such an original and complete running early  Spider Veloce, but times are still tight.  Reserve was not met, so barring an off-eBay sale look for it to be back on the market.

Update 4/27: This car is back up for sale, this time on eBay. I’m not sure if it’s a spiff-up and resell or something more along the lines of what happens to me when I buy a good deal and then two months later realize I shouldn’t have spent the money, good deal or no and I have to resell.

86a8_3Car looks a little better here with both grills and everything shined up a bit.

brksijwbgkkgrhgoh-csejlllzpb1bj8lcd9cq_3Again, looks better, maybe the camera, the angles and distance the pictures were taken from. Tough to tell but when you compare to the pictures below it is somehow better looking.

8985_3The VIN. I need that airbox bracket.

Auction text: “Super correct and authentic 750F Alfa Veloce Spider, 1495F04062 Early 1958 Pure 750, Short wheel base, DCO3 webers #7380 and 7385, Original tunnel case 4spd, The engine runs and the car does drive, although it needs general servicing to make it a reliable driver. Engine compression is even across all 4 cylinders, Engine runs strong with no odd noises or smoke. (The water pump leaks and make some noise) Brakes work, clutch works.

Correct and original matching number Veloce engine 1315.31186, With the original tunnel case box, Correct original parts: Dco3’s, complete intake system, Marelli distributor, Marelli generator, Marelli volt reg. Correct fuel bowl, Veloce headers, all 5 Borrani wheels. Veloce gauges and even the original choke blanking plug in the dash. Original and correct spade-back 750 seat frames are in excellent condition (very solid) Correct 750 top frame that works well. all trim parts are present (except those listed below)and are in good restorable condition.

KNOWN MISSING PARTS: 1 Bosch horn is missing (the other is there) 2 Front bumper uprights are missing, Lucas floor mounted dimmer switch is missing, Licence plate lamp lens and cover are missing, front licence plate mounting bracket is missing, I warning lamp on the dash is missing, drivers side door pull handle missing the center piece, Trunk key missing (original Marelli ign. key and door lock key are present and working) The small rear section of the hood spear is missing on the cowl.

KNOWN INCORRECT PARTS: Ignition coil is Bosch, starter motor looks like a lucas or bosch (should be Marelli) Strut rods supporting the air plenum are not original, and the wiper arms are the wrong ones.

The body is SUPER solid apart from the drivers side floor. I have pictures of the inner sills in the rear 1/4 panels and the are clean. Trunk floor is original and intact with the original body number stamped in it. I have photos that I will send showing the body seams with all the chrome trim removed so you can see that it is all original, very solid and straight, Still has the 4 factory dolley cups on the bottom of the sills. Original color is white. This car has not been painted in 19years demonstrating how solid the body is.”

929e_3Spark plug wires have been replaced. A cheap change that really makes the engine look better.

9eb2_3Hard to argue with all the correct numbers in the right places.

We’ll have to see if a little elbow grease adds any equity to this car over the original purchase price.

Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F 1495F04062, Engine 1315*31186. This car is on Craigslist out of Rochester New York for $16,000. Not a bad price for a fairly complete running 750F project. The 40DCO3’s are probably worth $2500 the pair!

007frontbarn1Honest and unassuming. If I had $15,000 burning a hole in my pocket I’d send an offer along. Front looks very clean with only one grill bar and the ‘tusks’ missing.

006frontbarnfind-1-1A little humor.

Craigslist posting text: “1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce. A matching numbers & rare car. Chassis/VIN: AR 1495 04062. Engine: AR 1315 331186. 750F. Original body color (white): AR 008. DC03 Webers s/n: 7380, 7385. Bonnet stamped with no.: 400. Mfg. date: 5-19-1958. Sold to Hoffman Motor Car Co. in NY: 6-20-1958. Mileage: 49,574 (unverified).It has been garaged in Rochester, NY. since I bought it in 1990. I have never driven it.Last known registration in Virginia in 1976, before that, Coral Gables, Florida. The video link shows the car running under its own power after almost 19 years of storage. The vibration you may hear is because the air cleaner was loose. The brakes work but they are not roadworthy.”

Engine number should be 1315*31186.

015profilerearRear is in good shape with out accident damage. Get that top off and lower the suspension.

008profilerightDoor shut lines look good. Under door trim is missing. Rear suspension is out of control.

001profileleftRear suspension looks better on this side. Pininfarina badge is missing on this side, unless it’s painted over.

3k83p73l8zzzzzzzzz92n88538ba6a4bd16b3There it is, the running 750 Veloce engine. Carbs are sand cast Weber 40 DCO3’s. Voltage regulator is Marelli unit. Firewall mounted airbox brackets are present.

This car seems like a really good deal for someone looking for a rolling restoration 750F Spider Veloce. Similar cars have gone for more in the last year but as I’ve pointed out frequently over the last two months, the economy isn’t what it was. I wonder if I’ll look back in a few years and get a chuckle out of all my references to the collapse. I hope so.


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