Market 111: Black 750D in Germany.

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*06320, 1315*45263. Available now on Anamera, this Spider is one of the nicest (or at least best photographed) I’ve had the opportunity to write about. It appears to have been detailed to the smallest detail and looks amazing. 39,500 Euro’s ($52,000 at press time) is absolute top money for a standard passo corto (swb) Spider so I don’t know that this car will find a taker, but it’s nice to look at and use as reference when I get to work on my pile.

06320 spider frontIs it any wonder it’s this nice if it’s found its way to Anamera? Looks good all the way around.

06320 spider rearI don’t know if I would have retained the reflectors after the repaint, but they are stock. Man, that number plate is big.

06320 spider build plateAnother complete set of numbers for the records.

06320 spider dash farNo excuses, clean and polished. I’m only 1000 hours and $20,000 from mine looking almost this good. I’ll get right on it.

06320 spider interiorBlack and red. Say no more. It has become THE color combo for a Giulietta Spider. Well, actually, I bet red are still more common.

06320 spider gaugesI need that horn button, and those gauges, and that steering wheel and, er, well, you get the picture.

06320 spider engineSomeone shouldlhave sprang for the correct air cleaner, they’re not that hard to find. The wash bag looks kind of big to me. Is the hood grounded?

06320 spider solexJust a nice detail shot.

Alright. Superb car. Great pictures. Astronomical price. Next!


1. A little lower asking and not quite as nice, but close.
2. If it was a Veloce, this result could be expected. For my money, I’ll take the Veloce!
3. Take this car, add $50,000, shake well and you have a car as nice as that for sale on this post.


5 thoughts on “Market 111: Black 750D in Germany.

  1. Transition car between 750/101. The tail-lights, glovebox and a few other knick-knacks are 750. Appears to be a long wheelbase car.

    My old 101 presented this well in photos. Mine had a similarly rough surfaced dash and the grill had a very similar re-chrome – the chrome is a little too bright to be original.

    For some reason, Spiders are valued way higher in Europe. Every time I see one listed it is similarly priced. Maybe I should bring one back with me next week?

  2. I am with Ian. Throwing a red flag on this one. I believe that the longer wheelbase and longer door is needed to fit the vent glass. Also, there should not be any windshield washer equipment on a 750. The cam cover has 750 knobs and there is Lucas electrics in the car. There are 750 ID plates, but they are fixed to a hood mat, which don’t exist on a 750. This car might be cobbled together from a 101 and a 750.

    Proceed with caution!

  3. Regarding the non-opening vent glass:
    I have a 1959 750: 1495*05806 that has them. It went to France when new and I believe was distributed through Renault at Billaincourt (spelling?). The vent glass appears to be original.

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